It Was All A Dare.

"So let me get this right , you were dared to be my boyfriend?" I screamed at Harry. He gave up on shouting at me. "Yes but I regret it you know that!" He defended himself. "Well that's not good enough Harry" I said walking away.


16. Girls.

 So, I had forgiven Harry. I still can't believe what he done though, I don't reckon I'll ever let that go. But he's just so hard to stay mad at, he's supportive, caring loving and so god damn beautiful.  

We walked through the corridors to our classes, everyone's eyes were in us, "Ignore them baby"  Harry  muttered giving my hand a reassuring squeeze, how I missed these little things. I smiled and did as I was told, I simply ignored all the dirty stares I was achieving from all the girls that wanted Harry so bad. Two girls appeared in front of us, making me jump a little. "I see it didn't take you two long to get back together?" Leah grinned a massive smile at us both. I nodded and blushed a little. "Don't do anything stupid Harry, or you will suffer tie consequences, I won't be as easy in you as I was last time!" Kelley said sternly through her teeth, giving Harry the evil eye. I laughed at her, Harry's shoulder tenses up a little, Kelley can be quite scary when she wants to! "Okay girls goodbye!!" I laughed pushing past both of the stunning girls I called my best friends. Leah grabbed my arm pulling me roun to face her, Harry flung round with me. "What?" I asked her. "There's a MASSIVE party tomorrow night  at Corey's house that he has down the road! I got you two inviteeed!" Leah squealed like a toddler. I hugged her, I love parties so much. I looked at Harry he looked concerned. "I don't know babe, Corey has quite a reputation if pulling girls when he's drunk, he has a lot of rape warnings!" Harry informed me. Leah butted in, "He's changed now, he's lovely! Real lad!" She said. I looked at Harry for permission, "Please Harry pleeeeeaaeee!" I begged him pouting my lips. He sighed and nodded. Then I squealed all I excited. "Only if you stay at mine with me tonight?" He pouted, I nodded and stood infront Of him, I kissed his lips gently and nodded pulling at his bottom lip. His lower regions stuck out against me, "your so weak and easy!" I whispered, I teased him turbo g around and inordinate fact Harry had a huge boner. He blushed as Kelley and Leah noticed it and laughed. "Save it for later Haz!" Kelley joked. He blushed and slipped his arm round my back. "Thanks for that!" He whispered to me. I said bye to the girls and walked awy with him, "You need to control your dick babe, your too easy to turn on!" I chuckled.

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