It Was All A Dare.

"So let me get this right , you were dared to be my boyfriend?" I screamed at Harry. He gave up on shouting at me. "Yes but I regret it you know that!" He defended himself. "Well that's not good enough Harry" I said walking away.


3. Eye contact.

It was a while before Harry finally moved on from staring at me, "I er...better get going" He chocked, bringing himself back to reality. "Oh erm yeah, I'll see you around!" I smiled. He nodded and walked past us going in the door to the left. I watched him give me on last glance before heading into his dorm. A few fingers clicked In front of me. "Earth back to Bree!" Kelley joked. I flinched, bring my eyes and concentration back to my two friends. "Don't get any ideas Bree, he may be the most gorgeous looking guy here, but he's after one thing only..." Leah sternly said to me "Sex!" Kelley finished off the red heads sentence. I looked at them confused. "It's true, he was the same with me, but after a day or two he soon wanted to get into my pants!" Kelley nodded, Leah stood there in agreement. "And because I denied, he dumped me" Kelley added. "Me too! He goes through literally every girl here at LightFields!" Leah spoke softly. "Over in England we would say the world 'dickhead'" I joked to them, even though I knew they had heard that phrase many times before. We stood there for a while before heading back to our dorm.

*The next day*

The next day the girls had there different clubs, so I decided to take my book a d read out on the grass where most students study. 

I pulled on my light skinny jeans with my black Vans top and slipped into my comfy converses. I grabbed my bag and stuffed in my book and Iphone before leaving to dorm and locking it. 

It was a beautiful day to be out in the grass, apart from the smell of smoke lingering around my nose as I laid in my stomach with my book wide open In front of me. I looked around me to find  the direction of the smoke. Of course, Harry and his little posy stood around the oak tree,  Harry's hands wrapped round a girl, his fingers venturing her bum she just giggled and kissed him between each drag off their cigarettes. I coughed my lungs out covering my mouth and nose, stupid allergic reactions. Harry glanced over to me, again my eyes met his. I pulled our eye contact away quickly and pulled open my bag to find my tablets. "Sh--i-tt!" I gasped between coughs. They weren't there, there was no way I was going to be a blue to get back to the dorm before my throat swelling up like a balloon. I pulled my self up to my feet I coughed and threw up vile. Un-alerted a hand came to my back "Bree-Ann are you okay?" This dark sexy raspy voice spoke. "N-n-o!" I cried, I felt like a dick crying but the pain was unbearable. I was gasping for air. "I pointed to the cigarette in Harry's spare hand and then pointed to my self. "Oh fuck! Bree-Ann I forgot I'm so sorry!!" He chucked it on the floor. "Haven't you got your tablets with you?" He asked me, he was speaking fast like he was actually worried. I pointed to the dorm building. He nodded and wrapped his arm around me hauling me of my feet, he carrie my bridal style throughout the buildings, my face started to burn up in pain, I buried it into Harry's chest. I felt his heart pound as he ran, I pointed to my dorm and he unlocked it with my key. 

Straight way launched me into my bed and crunched 2 tablets into a glass of water to dissolve. My throat was so swollen I couldn't fit in a tablet through the gap, Harry sat me up and lifted the drink to my lips, I slurped at the medicine water into it was all gone, I let out a sigh of relief a the water passed through my throat giving it a soothing feeling. Harry perched at the edge of my bed, his hand resting on my knee. I let out a loud yawn, so tired and sick Of the pain that went down slowly. Harry stood up and lifted my duvet covers, he tucked my body under and let it fall on me softly. "Sleep tight Bree-Ann! I hope you feel better later on!" Were the last words I head before I drifted off to sleep.


the next time I woke up I clasped my eyes on the clock 4:30, I felt to heavy thing plump on my bed. "Bree! Why are you still asleep? We, well Leah here' thought you were dead!" Kelley spoke soothingly. "I'm definitely not dead!" I chucked, I sat up and cleared my throat, " I went out onto the grass this morning to read, but Harry's little group were smoking, I caught scent if it and threw up, I began to have an allergic reaction, but I left my pills here! Harry helped me, he-he pretty much saved me life!" I awed to them. Leah and Kelley both hugged me. "We'll atleast he has done something good!" Kelley joked, we stifled a giggle.  Leah budged up closer to me "How are you feeling now?" Leah asked me. I blinked my eyes hard and smiled, "So much better Thankyou! But I need to find Harry!" I changed the subject, which changed the expression on there faces. "Why?" They both said in sync.

"To thank him if course!" I smiled, getting up and heading to the door.






Hi guys!!! I hope you like my fanfic just as much as unlike writing it:) I'm appreciating all your faves and votes!!! thankyouuus


Loves ya:* ~HarrysCurls;)

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