It Was All A Dare.

"So let me get this right , you were dared to be my boyfriend?" I screamed at Harry. He gave up on shouting at me. "Yes but I regret it you know that!" He defended himself. "Well that's not good enough Harry" I said walking away.


6. Date.

"You look amazing!" Leah and Kelly both said as I was about to leave, I had my hair up in a messy bun again, not much make-up on, and I wore my skin tight blackdress, which was a little short I must say. I slipped into my black heels and grabbed my handbag."Don't be back to late!" Kelley winked to me as I walked out of dorm. "Alright Mum!" I winked to her. I gave them both a hug and headed to the parking lot. It was a little dark already so i wasn't quite sure where to head. "Harry?" I called out, silence. "Harry, are you out here?" I said again, before I knew it two hands covered my eyes making me jump out of my skin, I pulled them down and away from my eyes. "Oh my god, Harry can you not? I hate people making me jump!" I groaned, getting my breath back. I turned to face him, his green orbs shining in the reflecting lights, he wore a hot shirt with  skinny black eans, he looked erm....very VERY hot."Wow" He said, looking me up and down.
"Do I look alright? I mean I didn't want to over dress or anything but..." I fuzzled about, Harry stopped me in mid sentence, his index finger lifting my chin up to face him more. "You look beautiful Bree-Ann" He smiled, i felt my cheeks heat up, so I suggested we leave before we miss our reservations.


The car ride was cute, Harry talked about his place back home, and how I would love his sister Gemma, but it was soon over as we pulled up outside the 'Mermaids Tale' Restaurant. "Harry I can't afford this, it's too expensive!" I gasped as I looked out to where we were going. Harry pulled the car to a halt and shook his head laughing. "Well your not paying so you don't have to worry!" He smirked getting out of the car. "I'm not letting you pay for me Harry!" I said sternly. He jogged round to my side and opened my door cutely for me. "Sorry but i am so shut it" He smiled, we walked towards the doors of the restaurant, when I felt Harry slip his hand into mine, I looked at our hands together then back at him, he was smiling away. I quite liked it as we walked in together and our fingers intertwined. We walked in and Harry's eyes shot over to a girl he noticed sitting with a friend, she glared back over at us and Harry dropped my hand quickly. "Harry what's wrong?" I asked him, a little confused on the way he just acted. He shook his head and cleared his throat, "Maybe we should just go somewhere else?"He looked at me. I furrowed my eyebrows at him, "Not when we have made reservations Harry, whatever is bothering you, ignore it!" I told him, I was not letting something bad happen on my first date. He nodded.

A waiter took us to a table near the window, he took our orders and left us alone. Harrys eyes kept darting across the beautifully lit room to the girl who dirty looked us.  I sat back in my chair and stood up, "W-where are you going?" Harry finally paid his attention to me. I huffed."Just to the toilet, but if you don't start paying attention to me instead of that girl over there, I will be calling a cab and going home, got it?" I walked away, quite happy with my little rant.  I looked over my shoulder as I walked over to the toilets, Harry's eyes were glued on my arse. "Such a guy" I tutted.

Whilst in the toilets I straightened my dress in the mirror the girl from the tables across us appeared behind me. "Erm do i know you?" I asked, giving her a strange look. She shook her head, "No, but im Lola Dawson, Harry's ex-girlfriend" She said, I felt a rush of awkwardness run through me,I headed towards the door. "Don't feel that special about him bringing you here, he does it with every girl, done it with me last month, if you didn't notice he's a bit of a player, only after a shag really" She joked,I completely ignored her and walked out. How could Harry do this?

I grabbed my bag from our table and walked right out, "Bree-Ann, where are you going?" Harry jumped up, "Keep our table available" He chanted to the waiter then running after me,I ran outside, the tears falling from my eye-lids. Harry grabbed my arm, "Bree-Ann What happened? What did Lola say?" He pleaded me, pain in his voice.
"It's nice to know im just another part of your screw and dump plan Harry, nice to know im not special, that this is the place you take all off your little sluts!" I spat at him, the tears falling harder and faster, I shook off his grip turning away. "Bree-Ann! Yes I am like that, but it's different this time, your different, you make me feel something i have never experienced before! You are special Bree-Ann!" He yelled, he walked up right behind me and grabbed my arm spinning me around. "You are special to me!" He whispered, he then smashed his lips upon mine, I felt the fireworks pop and band throughout the kiss, t was like no other. It was passionate,I let his hand wander and rest and the bottom of my backed, he allowed my hands to run through his hair. "Forgive me?" He gasped between breaths, I smiled against our kiss."Fuck yes" I giggled, our lips colliding again......

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