It Was All A Dare.

"So let me get this right , you were dared to be my boyfriend?" I screamed at Harry. He gave up on shouting at me. "Yes but I regret it you know that!" He defended himself. "Well that's not good enough Harry" I said walking away.


24. Beach.


The next morning I woke up with the summer sun shining through the blinds, I tried to move, but Harry's arms were strongly wrapped around me. "Morning sunshine" Harry's sexy morning voice croaked in my ear, he chuckled as I failed to escape his arm grip. "Morning poo" I turned to face him, I looked at his slightly scarred lip and kissed it gently. "Awe Boo" He blsuhed, he kissed me back a little firmer, "How you feeling?" He asked me, I nodded biting my lips. "A little bit better thanks" I smiled.

We were the first ones up, "I'll cook some pancakes" I smiled, Harry gathered up the ingrediants and made the mix while i set them in the pan and flipped them. "FOOOOOD!" Of course me and Harry knew this came from Niall, he seemed to eat all the time. He brang himself and his messy hair into the kitchen and looked over my shoulder at the pan. "Mmm Pancakes, my favourite!" He giggled. I noticed Kelley creep out of his room, she made it look like she was asleep on the sofa. "You two behave yes?" I winked at them both, this caused their cheeks to heat up. "Ooooo Niall's got a girlfriend!" Harry grabbed his best mate round the neck and noogied his head till it was sore. "Bys" I huffed, holding their plates of pancakes in my hands, "Boys" I said again, they ignore me. "BOYS!" I yelled, they jumped off each other. "Thanks  Bree" Niall took his plate from me.Harry took his and walked behind me squeezing my bum, "Thanks sex bomb" He winked, teasing me the the name I hated being called the most. We were son joined by the other 4 and I gave them all pancakes, we all sat at the table. 

"So guys, the weathers so lush today, what shall we do?" Leah squealed excitedly. I chuckled at her morning happiness. "What about the beach, I mean, we still have 3 days off school work, might aswell make the most of it!" Liam protested, everyone nodded. Zayn and Leah done the washing up while everyone else prepared for the beach.


"Harry, pack a couple of towels babe!" I told him, he grabbed to towels and shoved them into our shared beach bag. I slipped on my turqoise bikini, struggling to tie the neck. "Harry, help" I mumbled, he jogged over to me and tied the string into a little bow. His hands slipped around my wait lightly and he kissed me on the neck, sucking and nibbling, surely there was going to be a mark. "BREE, HARRY HURRY UP!" I heard Louis impatient voice yell outiside the door, I pulled on a pair of shorts and a crop top then pulled my hair back into a bun and slipped on my sunglasses and flipflops. "You are matter what you say" Harry sung to me as we left the room, I kissed him.

"Lets go!" Leah yelped.


We kept to the quiet side of the beach on the other side of the rocks, everyone place down their towels and placed our bags on the grey rocks. I removed my clothes to reveal my turqoise bikini, Leah removed hers toreveal her orange one and then Kelley removed her shorts and top to reveal her purple one. All the boys stood their with wide eyes and jaws drooping low. "Take a picture boys they last longer" I mumbled, sighing at them. Harry stepped close to me, he was just in his swim shorts, all of them were, and they all had very nice bodies, but without lieing Harry's was the best. He kissed my nose, lowering and clutching his hands to my bum. "Come for a swim" He whispered, I leant in to kiss him but butted out last minute to tease him, I layed down on my towel.  "Sorry boys, we dont do sea water" I said for all three of us. The boys grunted and ran off with eachother to the sea.

"So Kelley, you and Niall?" I brang up the situation, as us three girls laid alone on the sand. She chuckled, " Yeah hes a nice boy, there arent many things i wouldnt do to him" She winked, making us chuckle. "Go for it!" Leah piped up. We looked towards to water and the boys werent there, "Where are they?" I questioned. Before we all knew it, we were being carried and ran to the water. Harry carried me, the other 4 kept the pther two still in Louis and Nialls arms as they pelted towards the water. 

Harry splashed deeper and deeper into the water then dropped me. "Hahaha!" He laughed at his so-called-clever-move. I stood up in the freezing water and wiped my hair back, I rubbed my eyes and hit Harry playfully. "I hate you!" I joked, Harrys large hands clutched my bum (he loves my bum yes) and pulled me towards him, "No you don't, you love and lust me" He siad huskily, I felt that tingle of horniness run through me, no not now I felt my brain tell my tingling body. I forced my lips onto Harrys and kissed him roughly. "I want you now" He groaned, I nodded in the kiss. We stopped and looked at the others, he grabbed my hands and we ran for shore grabbing our things. We heard Zayn call;


I laughed and ran home with my boyfriend just    for     a    fuck.

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