It Was All A Dare.

"So let me get this right , you were dared to be my boyfriend?" I screamed at Harry. He gave up on shouting at me. "Yes but I regret it you know that!" He defended himself. "Well that's not good enough Harry" I said walking away.


23. All a bit bloody.


I sat on the bed,cradling my hurt Bree-Ann in my arms, Leah and Kelley cuddled her while i stood up and pulled my boys off of Corey. He stood up, he already had a black eye, all of the boys had at least a little blood on them, if it wasn't theirs it was to be sure it would be some of Corey's. "What the FUCK were you thinking Corey, that you could just fuck my girlfriend and get away with it" I glanced at my scared girl  in the arms of her best friends. Corey wiped his mouth."Actually, yeah" These words made me launch onto him, I threw punch after punch at him in the cock and stomach. Zayn finally pulled me away, blood poured from my lip. "Mate calm" He soothed into my ear. I took a deep breath. "Boys, we should leave" Kelley said. Niall nodded and took Kelley by the hand (i think they are dating) I kept the blanket wrapped around Bree-Ann and lifted her easy to carry body into my strong arms. We left the party.

Liam hadn't drunk anything so he drove with Leah next to him, Louis and Niall and Kelley sat in the middle and Zayn helped me with Bree-Ann in the back. She looked up at me with her red eyes. "He hurt me Harry" She whimpered, I felt the lump in my throat pulse and throb. I stroked her head, moving her dark hair out of her eyes. "Shh its okay baby, your safe now" I whispered to her. "He hurt you" She said poking my tender lip, she looked at all the boys who all had there hands to a part of there body that hurt, "He hurt all of you" She whimpered. The boys all gave her a reassuring smile. "We're okay Bree, we are glad that we got to you in time" Louis said truthfully, in all honestly im so glad we got there when we did, otherwise Bree-Ann would have been raped, and the thought of it made me feel physically sick.


Liam parked the car and everyone piled out, my sore naked body was wrapped in a blanket still and Harry held me safely against his chest. "Everyone at ours tonight, we need it" Liam said to everyone. The boys had a big dorm so it could fit us all (Louis,Liam, Zayn, Niall, Harry, Me, Leah and Kelley) "We are going to have a bath" Harry said, one by one all  the boys kissed me goodnight on my forehead as a laid still in Harry's arms.

"Im glad your safe" Liam kissed me.

"Feel better soon Bree!" Zayn Kissed me.

"Night Princess" Niall kissed me.

"Hope you feel okay tomorrow" Louis kissed me.

"Love you babe!" Leah kissed me.


"Love you Breebree!" Kelley kissed me.

Harry said goodnight to the boys and we went into his bathroom where he sat me on the toilet seat while he ran a bath of hot water and a mountain of bubbles. "In you get love" He smiled, I let the blanket fall to the ground, leaving me naked. Harry smiled at me, then his face dropped. "What are these? Did he do these?" He said gloomly, he examined the bruises at my hips and the bruises on my wrist. "I'll be fine baby" I whimpered to him, even though they were tender to touch. Harry lifted me into the bath and placed me into the soothing water which i laid back in.

"Let me wash your hair" Harry said. He took off his shirt leaving his beautiful abs and tattoos. He knelt down beside the bath and squirted the apple scented shampoo onto my now black wet hair, he massaged it in deeply then rinsed it out. "Thankyou Harry" I smiled quietly.

Harry helped me out of the bath and i wrapped a towel around my body. "Now its my turn to look after you" I said to him. I shoved him onto the counter, "Sit" I said, he sat up on the sink worktop and opened his legs for me to stand inbetween. "Awe baby" I pouted at his bleeding lip and chin. I gathered up some tissue and wettened it, then I gently dabbed his sore lips and chin, getting rid of the blood. "There" I smiled. "Still kissable" I giiggled, Harry blushed a little and kissed me gently on the lips, "Hmm you taste better then him" I chuckled, Harry laughed a little, "Well I hope i do, c'mon, lets go to bed" 

I rough dried my hair with the towel and climbed into my black nighty, slipping into to bed next to Harry in his boxers. I faced away from him and his strong arms wrapped around me, he pulled me tight into him so I could feel his great abs. He muffled into my ear. "I love you".
"I love you too" I said, then sleep took us both over.


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