Not the Last - A Doctor Who FanFic

The same dream every night , of a planet called Gallifrey. The sky...a bright orange,with a citadel enclosed in a mighty glass dome,shining under the twin suns, beyond that the mountains go on forever, slopes of deep red grass, capped with snow. It was beautiful until one night... the nightmare came. Young Alex, she loves this imaginary planet, she knows it as well as the real world. But what happens when she turns sixteen and not only meets the mysterious man from her dream, but also finds out it's all real, that she isn't who she has known herself as.
Then what if, the Doctor's life is at risk, what will she do to help him survive?


10. Show me

'I know what you're going to say, so you can feel free to say it' it is the Doctor who speaks, he has an intelligent looking grin on his face. I no longer feel the need to call him a madman, as it's almost as if my dream has came to life.  I think about saying, It's a TARDIS, but I quickly realize that will only cause more, deeper questions. I think of what to say, then something comes up.

'It's alien' my statement causes a look of confusion upon the Doctor's and Clara's faces. 

'Well, okay, that is one I haven't heard before, but there's a first for everything' he continues to give me strange glances, as he continues to push random buttons, and pull levers. 'Right, we are in orbit now, right above the Earth. This sounds like a great place for you to tell me your dream' his eyes light up at the mention, of orbit, above the Earth and tell me your dream. I freeze on the spot, unsure what to say next. 'Or better yet, show me' confusion takes over my face, I barely believe the fact that we are in space never mind the fact of being able to share a dream, which is probably impossible.

'And how do you expect me to show you' I raise an eyebrow at him, I am a little frightened of what response he may give, but eager to hear his response. He approaches me, and takes my face in his hands.

'Alex, close of everything you don't want me to see, like doors. Open the ones that show your dream and tell me when you're ready' I stare at him in confusion for a moment before closing and opening doors into my mind. 

'Okay, I have closed doors and opened those you are allowed to walk through' I speak uncertain if those are the right words I have chose. He nods,

'Now, Alex this won't hurt a bit' he reassures me. He fixes his hands to my face, and then headbutts me. 


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