Not the Last - A Doctor Who FanFic

The same dream every night , of a planet called Gallifrey. The sky...a bright orange,with a citadel enclosed in a mighty glass dome,shining under the twin suns, beyond that the mountains go on forever, slopes of deep red grass, capped with snow. It was beautiful until one night... the nightmare came. Young Alex, she loves this imaginary planet, she knows it as well as the real world. But what happens when she turns sixteen and not only meets the mysterious man from her dream, but also finds out it's all real, that she isn't who she has known herself as.
Then what if, the Doctor's life is at risk, what will she do to help him survive?


2. Reality?

 I sit up, I quickly scan my surroundings, I realize I am the only one in the room. Where are the other girls? I check the clock, a minute to midnight... they should all be here, in bed, sleeping, like I was, they were here, in bed, sleeping, just before I fell under nights spell. I traipse to the door. They may have went for a drink, but would all 12 of them really go? Would all 12 wake up and leave at the same time for a drink? Had they all left me here... alone in the middle of the night? I was uncertain what to think, what to feel, what to do. 

I reached the living room, it was in darkness. I slowly reached for the light switch, I flicked it for on... nothing happened, no light shone through the cold, dark room, that I have had so many birthdays in. BANG! I jump in fright and gasp in the dark, cold air surrounding me. It came from up stairs, maybe the girls were hiding as a joke, Mrs Leerey will be there in no time. I run up the stairs and back into the room, expecting to find Mrs Leerey lecturing the girls about sleep again, but I don't. Instead I am welcomed back into the cold, dark bedroom, with 13 empty beds. I sigh unsure what to do. 


I look up, the noise... it sounded less human, more robotic. I see the closet door burn open, I stare in both awe and fright. What could have caused this? Was it the same thing that made the loud noise? What is it? Is it friendly? Is it going to kill me? About a million questions race through my mind. But only one finds it's way out of my mouth.

'Who are you? and What do you want?' I spoke with a calm tone, hoping this thing -whatever it is- has a kindness to reply. I hear a small noise, as if this thing -whatever it is- is moving. I step closer to the door -not the one to escape from, but the closet. I hear the noise get slightly louder, as I get closer. Suddenly it emerges,

'I am a Dalek! are Alex Jones, correct?'  

I stare at the beautiful robot, how golden, how magnificent. I am awe struck, by this beautiful creation.

'You are Alex Jones, correct?' it repeats again, I was too taken aback the last time to answer it... this Dalek.

'Y-yes I am... how do you know my name?' I stare into his one eye, then I take in the rest of his features, a plunger for a hand, a small metal long... whisk type thing for another arm. I wonder, what he is doing here -if it is a he- and why. 

'You are Alex Jones... you must die.... EXTERMINATE!!!' I feel pain zap through my body, as his long whisk shoots me. I stumble back, tears brim in my eyes, slowly they begin to fall. I let out a scream, as I fall back onto the comfort of my bed.  I feel the life being drained from me, I let out another scream before I close my eyes and welcome death.




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