Not the Last - A Doctor Who FanFic

The same dream every night , of a planet called Gallifrey. The sky...a bright orange,with a citadel enclosed in a mighty glass dome,shining under the twin suns, beyond that the mountains go on forever, slopes of deep red grass, capped with snow. It was beautiful until one night... the nightmare came. Young Alex, she loves this imaginary planet, she knows it as well as the real world. But what happens when she turns sixteen and not only meets the mysterious man from her dream, but also finds out it's all real, that she isn't who she has known herself as.
Then what if, the Doctor's life is at risk, what will she do to help him survive?


16. Hiding

I immediately drop my phone to the ground and stamp on it, crushing it into the ground. If I knew the Doctor, then he will try to trace it to find where I am, to try question me about this warning. He would have been able to pick up a small signal, small enough to bring him within 10 meters of me. I need to listen, if I can't get away from here, then I would have to just be sure to avoid him. 

The streets, are cold and dark. The streets are barely lit, giving off a small glow, just enough to light the streets. I feel cold and scared, the fact that there are no cars, nor house lights on, scares me further. Why was earth so... empty? Why had overnight everyone just... vanished? Fright takes over me, I don't know what to do, other than to return to the orphanage, but if I return there, I am risking the Doctor being there, I am risking who I really am being revealed. 

I walk the cold streets, unsure what to do, where to go. I walk up through some dark alley ways near the orphanage. I don't like this walking around, in the dark, I turn another corner, I stop in both shock and horror, before running to safety back down the alley way I had just left. 

'The Doctor should show up soon, correct?'

'Yes, he will worry for the missing humans, and worry for Alex Jones safety'

'Alex Jones is now dead, before she could regenerate, before she could open the watch'

'He will find her body, and the watch, he will grieve for her before we bring him to his death'

I hear a conversation about my death, about how the Doctor will grieve, about how they will kill him. The Daleks certainly did get one thing wrong though, I opened the fob watch seconds before I regenerated, seconds before I fell, seconds before the Dalek shot me. I had opened it, I had saved myself, I now have to save the Doctor. I wait a few more seconds before peeking my head around the corner, I see they have gone and I continue my journey to wherever.

I hear a noise, the noise only one thing could make, I turn to check my assumption is correct, I see it slowly beginning to appear, the TARDIS.

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