Not the Last - A Doctor Who FanFic

The same dream every night , of a planet called Gallifrey. The sky...a bright orange,with a citadel enclosed in a mighty glass dome,shining under the twin suns, beyond that the mountains go on forever, slopes of deep red grass, capped with snow. It was beautiful until one night... the nightmare came. Young Alex, she loves this imaginary planet, she knows it as well as the real world. But what happens when she turns sixteen and not only meets the mysterious man from her dream, but also finds out it's all real, that she isn't who she has known herself as.
Then what if, the Doctor's life is at risk, what will she do to help him survive?


4. Birthday

I awoke to soft mumbling, I slowly opened my eyes. I could see the girls standing in a small huddle in the corner. I sat up and swung my legs round to place both feet on the floor, I was curious to see what they were getting up too. As I placed my pink fluffy slippers on and headed to the closet to get my clothes, the mumbling continued, I turned my back, now no longer curious. 

'HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALEX!' I looked up from what I was doing in the fright I got. I smiled at them all, as I was about to thank them, Mrs Leerey came in,

'Right girls, hurry and get ready, so we can get breakfast, and give Alex her pressies' she had a slight cheeriness to her voice, one you only really heard on special days. We all nodded in agreement before raiding our drawers to find something nice to wear. After I had picked out my outfit for the day -light blue skinny jeans, kermit the frog t-shirt, and my favorite heel trainers- I dashed to the bathroom to get changed. I headed down to the dining room where everyone was waiting, I took me usual seat just as food was being served. 

I looked at the food as it was placed in front of me, I inhaled it's familiar smell. Pancakes, and potato waffles. I could taste it in my mouth although I hadn't even taken a bite. I began to cut the pancake and waffle in my usual way, to wrap the waffle in the pancake. I stared at it in awe, I had created a strange shape, almost like a plunger. Last night's dream floods back to me, I instantly push it from my mind and put my taste buds out of misery. After I finish, I help to clear up before heading through to the sitting room where everyone is waiting card or gift in hand.

I accept each gift one at a time, thanking whoever it was from. All of these gifts were hand made. It was a tradition for the girls to make cards and stuff to give to the birthday girl and then one big present would be given from all. I placed each hand made bracelet on my hand and read each card carefully. I finally had gotten through the gifts and cards. I had a small smile playing on my face as Mrs Leerey reached behind her to grab a small bag. She smiled at me as she came over with it, she gave me a small kiss on each cheek before handing it to me.

I removed a box from the gift bag, then inside the box was a note wrapped around something velvet. I unwrapped the note and placed the box on my knee. The note read,

Wow, Alex, sixteen at last, bet your glad. You've spent practically

all your life in this orphanage, and now you can leave... if you like.

But the thing is what actually happened, did you actually live your days

here? Well probably, maybe, maybe not. But one thing you need to know is

what's in this box... keep it with you at all times, don't open what is inside until

the clock strikes midnight on the night you relive a dream. Trust me on this

just keep it close, and don't let anyone see this note, but keep it close.

Good luck.

The note ended, with no signature. Everyone looks at me, probably curious to see what the note says, I place it in my hoodie pocket, then open the velvet box. There is a fob watch with a strange, intricate design on it. I look at it over, the door bell rings, I place it in where I place the note before running to see who is at the door. Maybe the sender? I open the door,

'Hello, I'm the Doctor'


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