Not the Last - A Doctor Who FanFic

The same dream every night , of a planet called Gallifrey. The sky...a bright orange,with a citadel enclosed in a mighty glass dome,shining under the twin suns, beyond that the mountains go on forever, slopes of deep red grass, capped with snow. It was beautiful until one night... the nightmare came. Young Alex, she loves this imaginary planet, she knows it as well as the real world. But what happens when she turns sixteen and not only meets the mysterious man from her dream, but also finds out it's all real, that she isn't who she has known herself as.
Then what if, the Doctor's life is at risk, what will she do to help him survive?


3. Awake

I sit up, panting, I scan the room, all 12 girls are mumbling, rubbing their eyes, yawning. I bring a hand to my cheek, it feels wet, fresh, warm, and the tears seem to keep flowing. Slowly, one at a time, they fall, time seems to go by slowly, as I slowly begin to dry my eyes. The door opens, Mrs Leerey steps through the door, she scans the room, before seeing me, sitting there, tears spilling from my eyes. 

She signals for me to come out. I nod and climb out of my warm bed to stand on the chilling floor. I traipse forward and out of the door, she softly closes the door behind me. She turns to me and pulls me into a hug. I don't know why I'm crying. But I still am. The tears are short, slow and never ending. She strokes my head, as I continue to cry into her shoulder. She moves back and looks to me then jerks her head slightly to tell me to follow. 

I follow her down the stairs and into her office. The tears slow, one more escaping before they stop falling. We sit on the couch in her office. She looks at me with worried eyes,

'Alex, are you okay now?' she has a soft but calming voice, which helps to reassure my tears to stay back. I nod, unsure if it's okay to speak, unsure if this is real, unsure if this is a dream. 'Do you want to tell me what happened?... you haven't woken up screaming like that since you were six' she continues to use a soft tone, to help calm me.

I quickly nod before opening my mouth, 'I had that dream, the one where I was in Gallifrey, again, but it started nice as usual, but then something different happened, frightening. I then woke up, to find the whole orphanage was empty, none of the girls nor you were here, I heard a loud bang from the room and well... I... died.' I only gave what was needed, I knew if I went into detail about the events, I would be made see another psychiatrist, trying to convince me Gallifrey was only a dream, Gallifrey didn't exist, and most of all aliens didn't exist. Everyone always thought I was crazy, dreaming a childish fantasy, about a world we wished exists, but Gallifrey was different, Gallifrey was almost real. The Dalek, I hadn't seen that before, it's colour and everything looked so familiar, yet so strange, so beautiful. I looked back at Mrs Leerey, to see worry and concern in her eyes, one I was all too familiar with. I knew what she was going to say.

'Alex, you know Gallifrey isn't real, and it's just a dream, your sixteen tomorrow, you have to stop this, but just to be sure I think I'll call in a psychiatrist' her concerned tone made my eyes water more, I knew Gallifrey was a dream place, but I hated being told it really wasn't real. I nodded, I would just have to do what I done last time... ignore everything. I left to head back to my room. The clock struck midnight,

'Happy Birthday Alex' I heard a soft voice from behind me and it was Mrs Leerey. I smiled at her,

'Thank you' my reply came louder than intended, but she gave me a soft smile back before turning to return to her office. I continued my journey up the stairs, I reached the room. All the girls were sleeping again, it wasn't until I climbed back into my warm bed I realized how cold it was. I slowly drifted back to the world of sleep.

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