From childhood dreams to reality

Have you ever dreamed of becoming close with your Idol?
Have you ever had your dreams laughed?
Or have been told they will never come true?
Charley did and well look at her now.


14. Where Was he?

- 1 year ago-

I took a seat on Chris’s new sofa and signalled for Becca to sit next to me, she sat a bit to close so I stood back up to make us a drink but out of nowhere am almighty cheer was let off and all my YouTube friends were coming in for a group hug.

Dodie and Tom were stood on the coffee table and began singing Happy Birthday, everybody had a ukulele and was singing and playing along with Dodie and Tom.

I looked for Phil but couldn’t see him, I smiled through the song but as soon as it was over I locked myself in Chris’s bathroom and got my phone to call Phil.

There was no answer.

I started to worry, I mean I love Phil and I want him more than anyone to be here. But I guess he didn’t care that much.

I unlocked the door to find everyone sitting in a semi-circle around the door, had I really been in there that long?

I smiled and joined them, everyone stared at me expecting me to say something. I had nothing to say.

We sat there for a moment too long.

Carrie took hold of my hands and pulled me over to the sofa where she pulled out a box wrapped in shiny purple wrapping paper and topped with a bow.

“Happy Birthday my love” Carries voice was always so sweet.

I opened the present trying my best not to rip the shiny paper.

Inside I found a book. Not a book that you buy in WHSmith’s or Waterstone’s but an instructions leaflet that you find in a box when you buy something technical, the name of the product had been blacked out with sharpie.

“I don’t understand?” was this a joke present?

Nothing was said to me, instead Jack and Dean shoved their present in my face, I took the present and smiled.

“Thanks” I looked up and gave him another smile. I have only met Jack and Dean once or twice but they never fail to me laugh.

“Happy Birthday” They replied at the same time, it was if they had planned it like one of their sketches.

I opened the long cardboard box and looked inside, it was a tri-pod.

“Guys you know I don’t have a proper camera right and that I use my phone?

“Yeah its phone compatible, we checked” They seemed sure of this.

“Oh cool”

The presents kept coming one after the other, I didn’t deserve all these and it wasn’t as if any of them were cheap?

By the end of the present giving I was loaded with everything I needed to make better quality videos, I appreciated all of them, well I still wasn’t sure about Carrie’s?

I scanned the room again looking for Phil, but he still wasn’t here, I looked at Dan who was perched in a corner talking to Bethan.

Where was he?









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