From childhood dreams to reality

Have you ever dreamed of becoming close with your Idol?
Have you ever had your dreams laughed?
Or have been told they will never come true?
Charley did and well look at her now.


12. The Birthday

-1 year ago-

Today is my birthday.

I woke up super early and put on my lame school uniform that looks a bit like I belong in Gryffindor, I sprinted down stairs to see if there was any presents or cards waiting for me, but there was nothing but a note left on the side.

Mum usually only leaves notes saying that she is going to be late from work, or to go buy some more bread on my way home from school. But she usually leaves them on a Wednesday, not Mondays, I became curious of what the note said.


I know I’m not the ‘coolest’ of mum’s and we don’t spend that much time together but instead of going to school today I’m giving you the day off.

BUT! It’s not a day for you to sit around on our laptop or to film a new video, Phil should have sent you a text by now giving you your first instruction,

Have fun, Mum x

I ran over to the table where there was a Iphone box placed upon it, I looked inside as no one in our family has one, as I opened it there was a sticky note saying  ‘Happy Birthday, love mum’ underneath a shiny new Iphone that was lit up.

It was a text from Phil, mum must have got someone to set it up for me, because she is useless when it comes to modern day technology.

The text read,

Morning Birthday Girl,

I want you to go get ready but instead of wearing a band top and jeans, I want you to wear the clothes in the box at the opposite end of the table.

I went for a shower and dried my hair.

Wearing my Adventure Time dressing gown I went downstairs and went to the box and opened it, out flew a balloon with another sticky note attached to it.

‘Hope you like them’

I unfolded the contents of the box which turned out to be a skater dress and a new pair of converses.

I let off a sigh.

Everyone knew I hate dresses with a passion, I haven’t worn one since I was 5. I looked at the note to see whose handwriting it was.

It was Dan’s.

It isn’t as if he didn’t know I don’t like dresses, I mean we did a whole video about it.


I put the ruby red dress on with the converse and decided to curl my hair so I looked a tad girly, maybe being all girly wasn’t as bad as I made it out to be.

I finished curling my faded pink hair and put some eyeliner on, I don’t like calling it eyeliner, I think of it more as war paint but that’s my imagination for you.

As I finished putting on my war paint I went downstairs to check my new phone, I had another text this time from Dan:

 Now you have the dress I picked out for you on, I need you to go outside and get into the red car parked on your drive.

See you soon, Dan x

I couldn’t be bothered to reply with an argument about how uncomfortable I feel about getting into a car without knowing who’s in it, so I did as I was told.

I locked the door and got into the front passenger seat, the driver was an unfamiliar face. She had blonde hair and a blue hoodie on, we set off without a word being spoken.

The silence was broken 20 minutes into the journey with the driver introducing herself,

“Hi, my names Becca and I love Chris Kendall, you know Chris right? He makes my ovaries explode!”

The blonde girl had a northern accent and was really loud and bubbly, I didn’t know what to do other than to text Dan, explaining how scared I am.

Dan, are you freaking kidding me? You put me in a car with a major fangirl who loves Chris!

I hate you, Charley x


Becca took her eyes off of the road and focused on what I was typing.

“Dan as in DanIsNotOnFire? I love the fantastic foursome , what about you?”

“Becca I would prefer it if you looked at the road when driving” I held on tightly to the seat whilst Becca continued to swerve her way through traffic.


We eventually arrived outside Chris’s house, how did she know where he lived?

I know she really likes Chris but I’ve never seen someone so obsessed with someone.








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