From childhood dreams to reality

Have you ever dreamed of becoming close with your Idol?
Have you ever had your dreams laughed?
Or have been told they will never come true?
Charley did and well look at her now.


16. Listening in

I made my way to the back gate and got half way over when I realised it was unlocked.

I found myself slowly swaying back and forth on top of the back gate, I was stuck.

I attempted to grab the fence but missed instead I grabbed a tree branch and like Tarzan I swung off the top of the gate and onto the ground.

I was quite impressed with how elegant I was.

I tried my best to open the patio door slowly and quietly so they would think I was still out the front, I had gone from being Tarzan to apart of mission impossible in seconds!

I could hear everyone in the passageway discussing something, I couldn't quite make out though, I gave up on listening in and crept back into the lounge, some thing in here was different, but I cant make out what?

I heard footsteps coming closer my only option was to hide in the cupboard, at least this way I could hear what's being said about me.

I opened the wooden door and walked in, It was like entering Narnia, except there was no secret world on the other side it was just a brick wall.


 "Right Charley is out the house, all we need to do is get Phil in the house, do you reackon we have given him enough time?"

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