From childhood dreams to reality

Have you ever dreamed of becoming close with your Idol?
Have you ever had your dreams laughed?
Or have been told they will never come true?
Charley did and well look at her now.


3. 'Best friends'

-2 years ago-

“Charley, are you coming round tonight to finish our history project, it’s due tomorrow and you haven’t contributed to anything.” Emma seem to make an unnecessary emphasis on the word ‘our’ but I tried to ignore that.

“Oh yeah, I forgot about that project, I would of helped more but I’ve been busy, and you know that.” My response shot out quickly and came across a tad rude, I should really start considering changing the tone of voice I use sometimes.

Emma was my best friend and lucky for me knew that I wasn’t meant to sound rude, she also knew that I hadn’t been busy recently and that I had been sat in my room watching Dan and Phil for hours on end.

“Charley you really need to find something better to do with your time, I don’t want what I’m about to say to upset you but these YouTuber’s are ruining your life, I mean you’re no fun anymore, when was the last time you left your laptop to go play Zelda or Sonic or even better, when was the last time you left your house?” Emma seemed concerned, and she was right, I haven’t left my house in ages.

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