Ariana is troubled.
All she wants is perfection.
Doesn't everyone?
But she doesn't care if she takes it to extremes even if it means destroying herself.


1. Keep It A Secret

“How could you be so stupid?!” my sister Sam screamed while she stormed down the hall. The blade fell from my hand to the floor and made a terrible sound. Sam came back to the bathroom to find me weeping on the floor because she found out my secret. Now everyone’s going to know. “Don’t tell Aunt Meg, tell anyone but Aunt Meg!” I begged and she glared at me with her evil hazel eyes. “I won’t tell Aunt Meg as long as you let me tell your ditsy little oblivious boyfriend, obviously you haven’t gone too far if he hasn’t even noticed your sliced up stomach!” she yelled, I cried more. “Fine, tell Josh.” I wiped my eyes with the sleeve of my shirt. Once she told Josh I knew he was going to leave me immediately, I mean who wants a girl who hurts herself? No one. Plus, Josh is the type to tell the whole school. He wasn’t much of a keeper anyway, I suppose. I’m just desperate for someone, for someone who truly cares. But who would care for me anyway? I’m a loser. I lay down to go to sleep. Not like I know what that is anymore. Staying up crying is on my daily schedule and the panic attacks keep me up. I keep thinking of the morning, and once I get to school. What if Sam is lying and tells Aunt Meg? What if Josh doesn’t decide to leave me? What if this is all just some warped dream?
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