Ariana is troubled.
All she wants is perfection.
Doesn't everyone?
But she doesn't care if she takes it to extremes even if it means destroying herself.


2. Chemistry

Sitting in chemistry I notice a girl who hasn’t been in school for about two months. I’ve heard too many rumors about her. “She went to rehab for drugs” they said. “She got home schooled because the school board caught her having an affair with the geometry teacher” they said. (Which was kind of true). “She got pregnant” they said. She most certainly did not get knocked up. That girl is thinner than a twig. Her name is Katelyn, and she was more mysterious than I ever was in my life. The bell rang for second period, and I made a bold move. I walked up to Katelyn’s desk and smirked. “Hi uh, Katelyn, I’m uh, Ariana.” I only wanted to know why she has been gone and how she got so pretty in the past couple months. “Oh, hi!” she said in a sweet voice while smiling while her eyes looked like she was dying. “I don’t usually ask people this but uh, do you want to be friends?” She could use a friend from all the rumors and kids who bully her. Did I really want to be friends with her? Or did I just want to use her for her gift of beauty? “How about you come over this weekend?” I asked while biting my lip, knowing I’d probably get some sort of lame excuse, as always. “Yeah, I most definitely would love to.” she said in a nice calming voice. I wasn’t buying the whole outside person crap she was making people perceive. I smiled and handed her my phone to put her number in. She handed me my phone back still smiling “I think you’re really pretty.” she says and walked out of the door to second period. “Ariana, you might want to get to class.” Mr. Johnson said as he noticed me still standing there, just thinking. “Sorry, I um, I uh..” I can never speak, like what the fuck is that about? “What are you waiting for child, get to class!” he yelled. I booked it, and as I ran, I felt like I was in a movie, in some sort of fairytale-like movie. I have a new friend.

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