Harry & Pepper.

a series of one shots involving Harry and Pepper.


4. Mean Words.

"Why did you do that?" I had a stern tone to my voice, Harry slamming the door behind him.

"It was only dinner, Pepper." I could tell he was trying to stay calm, the grimace in his voice making it obvious.

"Exactly. It was only dinner. I could've paid for myself." I spun on my heels having flung my shoes, coat and bag into my room. My room that I had barely been in since Harry first kissed me, only to get changed every morning considering my clothes were still in there.

"I was being polite. It's a gentlemanly thing to do, paying for dinner." Harry hung his coat on the hook be the front door, his actions calmer than mine.

"But you know I hate it! Just because you are crazy rich… you know I like to make my own way. I don't need pity money." It had always bugged me when he would do this. Anytime we would go out, whether it be just the two of us or with a group, Harry would pay for me, every time without fail. I had told him every time that I could pay for myself, but he would refuse. Today was just the day when all this anger escaped me.

"Oh for God's sake, Pepper! Why are we even arguing about this? Most girls would love to have their boyfriend pay for everything for them!" Harry's raised his voice, a sign of his anger. I didn't know whether it was his intention to scare me, but it did. I didn't let this show though, forcing any intimidating actions to the back of my mind quickly.

"Yeah but I'm not most girls, and you're not any boyfriend. You're Harry Styles for God's sake! You have girl's falling for you at your feet and you could probably pay each and every one of them off with the amount you earn. At least I don't go flaunting my money around!" I screamed in his face, the distance between us decreasing as he stormed towards me.

"Yeah well at least I don't go flirting about with my boyfriend's mates straight in front of him. I've seen you with Josh and Sandy in rehearsals… even with Louis and the rest of the boys, just like a pathetic little slut would." I gasped at his words, his arms, which previously had kept a strong grip on the wall either side of my head, falling. A hand covered his mouth as he realised what he had said, Harry stumbling back. I didn't know what to do, so I ran. I ran into my room, grabbing my rucksack and throwing some clothes in it. Harry's pleads could be heard from the other side of the door, but I did all I could to ignore them. Once I had all I needed, I swung the door open, Harry falling through and stumbling to regain his balance.

"Pepper, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean it, I swear." I shook my wrist out of Harry's tight grip, rushing to the front door.

"Save it Harry. I'm not interested." I called out to him, walking the short distance to my car, which was parked next to Harry's on the road.

"Pepper? Where are you going?" Harry's voice was muffled by the wind, his distance making the noise quieter.

"I'm going to Josh's. Oh but don't worry, I'm not going to throw myself at him, because I'm not a slut!" I screamed the last bit at him, hoping he would realise how upset I was at his words. As I drove down the road, I kept glancing at the front door through my mirror. Even when I turned the corner, he was still there watching.




"He's been crying Pepper. He's obviously sorry." I didn't bother looking up when Louis told me Harry had arrived. I had explained everything to Josh last night, and again to the rest of the boys this morning when they had questioned why I hadn't arrived with Harry. Louis and Liam were the most shocked, not realising how Harry could say such words to me. His calls and texts once I had left last night didn't stop, the last one I received when I woke up in the morning on Josh's spare bed being at 3.20am. But I was in no mood to talk to him, not after what he had said. "Please, just go talk to him." I didn't reply, but finally took a glance at my so-called boyfriend. Louis was right: Harry's eyes were bright red and puffy, like he had been crying non-stop for years, his hair messy and dishevelled where he had run his hands through it so much. I couldn't help but feel guilty that I was partly to blame for Harry's state, but the realisation of what actually happened last night quickly came back. He placed his coat on the chair, revealing what I could've sworn was the same white t-shirt he was wearing yesterday. But then again, Harry owned so many of the same plain t-shirts that it was hard to tell sometimes. He caught my stare, eyes showing a glint of hope as he gave a small smile. Pretending I was looking somewhere else, I turned quickly to fix Zayn's earpieces to his battery pack. Harry could be seen out of the corner of my eye, his look staying at me for a few seconds before going over to Josh and the rest of the band. I swear to God if he starts on Josh I'm never going to talk to him again.




"I'll be back in about an hour!"

"Alright Pepper." I closed Josh's front door behind me once I was sure Josh had heard me. Me being me needed to go back to Harry's, not having enough clothes to last me. I was dreading it; I didn't have a clue what I was going to say if he was there. It's been 2 days and I haven't said a word to him, despite his numerous tries. I miss him like crazy, but that doesn't mean I'm ready to forgive him just yet. What he said really hurt me, and he needs to realise that. The journey back home took about 10 minutes by car, my heart dropping when Harry's black range rover came into view. Maybe if I was quiet enough, I could slip in and out without him noticing. Gently pushing the key into the lock, I was forced to put all of my weight against the door, it not opening as easily as usual. Once I was finally in the house, I gasped at what I saw before me. The table that usually sat in front of the bigger sofa in my living room was now in pieces, the piles of wood blocking the front door. Components of the landline that sat on a shelf in the hallway were now scattered all over the floor, the shelf ending up in the same fate as the table. Pieces of broken china that resembled plates and cups joined these on the floor.

"Jesus, Harry." My words came out in a whisper; I was taken aback at the damage caused in such a small amount of time. When I left, the house was almost spotless. Now it was completely the opposite. I walked around, being careful not to stand on any broken glass or whatever. Soft whimpers could be heard from Harry's room, so I quietly opened the door and stood in the doorway, watching what was going on. I don't think I've ever seen Harry in such a vulnerable state, to be honest I wouldn't be surprised if no one had ever seen Harry the way he was before. His room was in almost the same state the hallway was, clothes all over the place, one of his bedside tables broken up all in the floor. The bit that shocked me the most was what was on the bed. Tangled up in the sheets was Harry, curled up as small as he could make himself (which was probably quite difficult considering his size) and sobbing into his phone. I didn’t know what it was that was stopping me from going over there to comfort him.

"Pepper?" I'd been caught, the creak of the door as I moved slightly giving me away. Harry sat up, allowing me to see the full boy. "Pepper, I'm sorry." His eyes were puffy and red still, even more than they had been previously. He looked like he hadn't showered or changed in days, he even smelt like he hadn't showered in days. Was he really in this state jut because we got in an argument?

"What have you done to yourself, Harry?" I sighed, running my fingers through hair as I tried to think of a way to handle all of this.

"I.. I just got angry. I was angry with myself, so angry at what I said. I didn't mean it and I regretted it as soon as I said it, I swear. Please forgive me, Pepper. I really am so so sorry for what I said. I know you're not a slut, I would never even think about such a thing. You're perfect and I can't not be with you." I didn't know what to say, his rambling pleads running around in my head. I was starting to believe him when he said he couldn't be with me… if he was like this because of 3 days then I dread to think of the outcome of a breakup. I hadn't realised Harry was moving when he was talking, his close proximity startling me when I snapped out of my thoughts. "Please, Pepper. I love you. I'm so sorry." I gasped, neither of us speaking of those words until now. He knew how much I thought about the phrase, a conversation between us late one night explaining to him of past experiences. He knew I wanted to make sure about things between us before I spoke about 'love'. But the strange thing was, I felt the need to reciprocate the words. Feelings I had towards that one boy had increasingly grown recently, our disagreement shielding them for a short while, but I still felt them. I couldn't hold back anymore. Closing the distance between us, I forcefully pushed my lips to his, not hesitating to tug at his curls with my fingers. Obviously not prepared for the sudden affection, Harry froze at first, but quickly got into the movement, lifting me up by my thighs and pinning me to the wall. The feeling of his smile against my kiss told me he knew I had almost forgiven him. "I love you." He mumbled against my mouth. I pulled away reluctantly, leaving my forehead resting against his.

"I love you too" I whispered, rewarding Harry with a quick peck to his lips. "But promise me to never say what you did ever again. Next time, I might not be so forgiving. You hurt me Harry." I was stern with my words; his kiss attempting to strengthen his apology.

"I know, and I'm so sorry. I promise." He smiled as I kissed away the few remaining tears on his cheeks.

"And let me pay for myself sometimes, I like it."

"But I like to treat you; it makes me feel like I'm doing something right in our relationship."

"Harry." I warned him, not pleased with the fact that he thought that was all he brought to 'us'.

"Fine." He pouted, letting me kiss him again.

"Anyway, you bring more than money to this relationship. You bring the sexy, the dimples, the curls…" I stated, kissing parts of Harry's body as I said them. I wanted to reassure Harry of his part on my life now. "And you bring the male…" I smirked glancing down so Harry would understand me.

"But you're sexy, and your hair is curly when you've just got out of the shower, and you have dimples!" I narrowed my eyes at the boy. "But I don't think you have a… ya know… unless there's something you haven't told me." My narrowed eyes widened, playfully slapping his arm at his words.

"Just accept the compliment. And no, there isn’t something I haven't told you." He chuckled, pressing his lips to mine again. He was so forceful, pushing my head back against the wall. Breathless, I pushed him away with my hands on his shoulders, jumping down from his hold. Sticking his bottom lip out again, it was obvious he wasn't pleased with my actions.

"Go have a shower and I'll tidy this place up a bit. You smell." He laughed again, waving his arm in the air so I could get the full stench coming from his armpit. It wasn't good. I shoved him away playfully but he caught my hips and brought me to him, kissing me again.

"Only if you come back home tonight."

"Go have a shower, Harry."

"Is that a yes?" The raise of his eyebrow made me smile, the inquisitive look on his face adorable.

"Yes! Now go!" I shoved him away, hoping he would finally do as I asked. He turned, jogging down the hall before reappearing in front of the bedroom.

"Leave everything; I'll sort it all out when I get out of the shower. Which you're welcome to join if you wish…" He grinned, knowing his words would make me blush.


"I'm going, I'm going." His laugh replicated mine as he finally made it to the bathroom. "The door's unlocked if you change your mind!" I groaned, knowing that Harry would have a smug look on his face without even having to look at him.

"HARRY!" I shouted one last time, making sure I could hear the shower running before turning to do the job that I planned. Mentally reminding myself to text Josh to let him know I would be staying here tonight, I started clearing up Harry's mess, purposely ignoring Harry's orders not to do so.

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