Harry & Pepper.

a series of one shots involving Harry and Pepper.


3. "Let Me Kiss You."

"Harry, is chicken and pasta okay tonight?" The sound of running water informed me Harry was already in the shower. I quickly shook the unruly thoughts of a naked Harry, water droplets dripping from his dampened curls down his chest, as I waited for his reply.

"Yeah, sounds good." His voice was fainter than usual, the water hitting the bathtub drowning out the noise. Since Harry had refused to let me stay anywhere else after the first night I stayed at his, I had taken it upon myself to cook every night for the both of us. I still did this even though we both knew Harry was the better cook. I turned on Harry's sound system in the kitchen, raising the volume so I could have a little sing-a-along as I made us dinner. I had the pasta in one pot and the chicken in another, preparing the sauce on the island. I couldn’t help but groan when a song came on that I had grown to love and hate at the same time.

"Oh I just wanna take you anywhere that you like…" Unintentionally, I found myself singing along. Well you would, the words sticking in your head having heard it at least twice a day for the past month. My legs flew about, my awful dancing helping me travel across the kitchen to put the sauce on the stove. "Baby say yeeeaaaaahhhh…" My voice still carried through the kitchen, a squeal stopping the notes. I don't think I've ever jumped so much in my life than when I turned to find Harry chuckling as he leant against the doorframe. I ignored the sinful thoughts that entered my mind because Harry only had his usual pair of grey joggers slung on his hips, the black band of his boxers visible. Every time Harry walked around like this my breathing would increase, despite it being his usual attire. Having basically lived together for a month, we had become really close so Harry being topless was no surprise to me. I still liked him. I liked him a lot. But I don't think he still likes me, if he liked me at all in the first place. Our friendship becoming stronger every day. "Harry Edward Styles! Don't scare me like that!" I placed the sauce over the heat before going to launch myself on top of him. Taking him by surprise, he fell onto the floor with me landing on top of him. I sat on his hips, tickling him until he surrendered. Whenever Harry would annoy me or scare me, I could always rely on his ticklish spots to get an apology. Plus, it was hilarious watching him squirm.

"Okay okay, I surrender!" He held his hands above his head to prove his point. I watched as he got to his feet. "I thought you didn't like our music." He smirked, obviously enjoying the fact he had caught me in the act.

"I don't. Just because I don't like it doesn’t mean I don't know the words." I snapped back, the smirk just growing larger on Harry's lips. "And anyway, it's kind of hard to not pick up the words when I have to hear you cheesy puffs singing them every day!"

"Cheesy puffs?"

"I couldn't think of anything else, okay!" I could feel myself blushing as Harry chuckled at my comment, a fail of an insult at short notice.

"I like your singing, but I'm glad you didn't choose dancing as a career choice." I faked a gasp at Harry's insult, holding my hand above my heart.

"I'm a better dancing than you any day."

"You wish, Babe." He walked to the sound system, restarting the song. "Dance with me." I took his outstretched hand.

"Be prepared to be beaten, Styles." I stuck my tongue out at him, teasing. "I can't believe you have your own music on your iPod." He pulled me closer to him, the both of us basically just spinning around the room.

"You can't deny it's a good song." He didn't say anything else before his voice sung the words to his own song. It made my heart skip a beat, hearing the beautiful voice that the boy possessed. It would if I caught him singing at home, it would in rehearsals. I just let loose, singing at the top of my voice as Harry twirled me around. We stopped, standing in each other's faces as we sung the main line together.

"BABY SAY YEEEAAAAAHHHH, YEEAAAHH AND LET ME-" I was cut off, unable to say the last two words as my lips had been stopped. I froze, not knowing what to do. Harry, the boy who I had being lusting after recently, was kissing me… and I didn't kiss back. Oh crap. Move lips, move! There had been about 5 seconds when Harry grunted against my lips, pulling back. I stood there, staring.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to. Well I did but I didn't. Oh god what am I saying?! I mean I just... and you were just… and I was just... Oh god, I'm sorry, I'll just go now." He spun quickly on his heels, almost running to his bedroom. He didn't slam his bedroom door, but it was so obvious he was upset. I realised what I had to do, following him and opening his door slightly to find him on the edge of his bed, hands holding his face as his elbows rested on his knees. He must've heard my open the door because his eyes shot up to meet mine. "Look I'm sorry." I slowly walked closer to him as he spoke. "It's just I really like you... like a lot. I get you don't like me back but I just couldn't help it because I loved how you were just being yourself with me back then and I thought it felt like the right moment and I just hope this won't affect our friendship but if you want to move out now because you think it will be awkward I understand even though I don't want you to go and-" Harry rambles when he's nervous, it's cute. I stopped his little rant by placing my hand on his cheek, my body having fit in between his knees when I had joined him as he spoke. He raised his head so he could look at me properly, my head tilting down to watch his. I didn't say anything, just gently pushed my lips to his. This time he was the one to freeze. I pulled back, scared when I didn't get a reaction from him. "Wha-what?" He was confused. I had to explain.

"I -I think I like you too." My eyes hit the ground, embarrassed. I never really was the shy type, my friendships made on even my first day of this new job proving my point. But when it came to Harry, I was a totally different person, my emotions and feelings changing instantly. A wide grin spread on Harry's face, his body raising with mine still in between his legs.

"Does that mean I can do this again?" His height wasn't that much different to mine, but I still had to look up to look at him properly. He rubbed my cheek with his nose; our faces become closer within a second. It felt as though he was testing my reactions, lips decreasing distance when I didn't pull away. He nuzzled my neck, placing delicate pecks against my jaw. I didn't know what to do, where to put my hands, how to act back to him. Luck was on my side when Harry gently stroked my arms, entwining our hands when he reached them. My breath hitched in my throat, not knowing such small actions could make me feel the way I did.

"Harry." I whispered as he sucked slightly on my neck, pulling away when he heard my voice.

"Oh crap, do you not like it? Do you not like me? Oh God, I took everything the wrong way didn't I?" I stopped him from rambling by resting my forehead on his, something only possible if I went on tiptoes.

"I do like you. Just stop dragging on and kiss me will you." His grin replicated mine as he realised what I said.

"Gladly." I didn’t have time to think before Harry pressed his lips against mine for the second time that night. It felt so different than before, holding so much more meaning. I kissed him back, moving my lips against his. Shaking my hands out of his hold, they found their way to his neck, pushing his head closer to mine. I could feel his Harry's lips curve as I did so, the feeling making me laugh. "Stop laughing!" He attempted to kiss me again, having pulled away when he spoke to me, but I couldn't let him. The laughter was falling from my mouth, but the worst thing was that I didn't know why I was laughing anymore. "What is wrong with you, woman?" He tried to sound serious, but it is clear he was laughing as well, probably at my weirdness.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry." I apologised as I gained my breath back. He continued to chuckle at me, taking a seat on the bed and pulling me towards him. He took holds of my hands, bringing them to his mouth. I couldn't help but smile as he did so, the gesture so sweet. I batted his hands away, squealing slightly as he moved his hands around to my backside. "Oi, just because we kissed doesn't give you the right to touch me up. Keep your hands to yourself, Styles." I smirked, knowing he was only playing as he chuckled.

"Just come here." He smiled, pulling on my hips so I would straddle his. He kept his hands at the base of my back, stopping me from falling back, as mine came up mindlessly to play with his hair. I stopped, finding his staring a little creepy.

"What?" I smiled, quizzing the boy on his freakish stare.

"Nothing, you're just really pretty." He grinned as I lowered my head, not wanting to make my blush visible. "Will you stay in here tonight?" I snapped my head back up, eyes wide with his question. "I'm not going to try anything, I just want to cuddle." It was his turn to blush, his obvious embarrassment at his words.

"Aww." I cooed, pinching his cheeks between my fingers. "You're gonna have to persuade me then, ain't ya?" He grinned again, accepting the challenge I had just set him. His smile disappeared, nose scrunching up as he smelt the air.

"Can you smell something?" I copied his actions before jumping up of the boy's lap.

"Crap, the food."




I sat on the kitchen counter, not very happy at Harry's distraction from my meal. I was looking forward to it as well. I grabbed the pots and scrapped the black, crispy remainings into the bin; there was no way any of that was edible any more. "Pizza?" Harry stood in the doorway, holding up a take away menu.

"Chinese." I grinned, knowing Harry would go along with anything I asked. He sighed, walking into the living room to order the food. "Shotgun choosing the film!" I shouted at the boy, pulling a beer and a coke out of the fridge.

"… Kay, thanks mate." Harry put his phone on the coffee table, relaxing back into the sofa. I sprinted from the door straight at the side of the sofa, throwing the drinks onto the second couch as I went. I launched myself into the air just before I ran into the arm of the sofa.

"I CAN FLY!" I screamed, landing straight on Harry, who produced a large groan at the sudden impact. For the second time that night I burst out laughing, not able to control it. "I'm sorry, but that was hilarious." I replied to Harry's pouted lips.

"To you, maybe. That hurt!" I sat up, my breathing calming as I stopped the laughter.

"You little pussy." I thought Harry hadn't heard the insult, my mumbles quiet. I was wrong, the boy gasping and holding his hand dramatically over his heart.

"What did you just call me?!"

"I called you a pussy; you got a problem with that?" I couldn't fight off the smile that had found a way onto my lips, how I loved to tease the boy.

"Yeah, I do. This is on!" He ran after me as I jumped off of him, attempting to lock myself in the bathroom so he couldn't get to me. My attempts were failing when I felt a large pair of hands hold onto my waist. I squealed as I was hauled over one of Harry's broad shoulders, my fists pounding against his toned back as I screamed at him to put my down. His deep laugh echoed as he ran about with me.

"Harry! Let me go!" My requests were granted as I felt myself land on something soft. I lifted my head and knew my surroundings to be Harry's room. Harry was stood at my feet, smirking down on me. "What are you doing?" He didn't say anything, just knelt above my body, hands either side of my face. "If this is your attempt at seducing me then it really isn't working." I smirked, trying to hide my real feelings. I was lying by saying he didn't have an effect on me, I could feel the hairs on my arms standing on end as he lowered his body- in a good way.

"Just be quiet and let me have my moment." His growl was muffled against the skin, his lips having met my neck. He gently kissed my jaw before hovering his face over mine. "Kiss me." I didn’t have to be asked twice, my head rising slightly off the pillow so I could come in contact with his lips. This kiss was very different to the one earlier, this being filled with passion rather than the gentleness of the previous. I wrapped my arms around his neck in an attempt to get him closer to me, my fingers fiddling with the tiny strands of hair at the base of his neck. Harry hummed against my lips, my actions obviously pleasing him. He moved one of his hands to my cheek, guiding it to where he wanted it to go. I felt his tongue slide across my bottom lip, but before we could continue I moved my hands to push him away, the doorbell ringing through the flat.

"Food's here." I grinned, Harry moaning as he knew he would be the one having to answer the door, and that he would have to walk away from our intimacy.




Empty takeaway cartons were scattered across the living room floor, Toy Story being my choice of film for the night. Harry's fingers played with a loose piece of string from my (well his) joggers, my legs laid out across his as his eyes were fixed upon the TV. I, however, was not as focused, my mind often wandering completely off subject. It was now or never. "Harry?"

"Mmm." His eyes not leaving the screen as he replied.

"What are we?" The question had been thought of quite a lot in the past hour since the film had started. I wanted to be able to hold his hand in public, to kiss him around the studio without a care in the world. I knew with Harry being a public figure that it would be difficult outside in the real world, but I hoped that we could do what we wanted when we were with friends, within reason. I just hoped he felt the same way.

"What do you mean?" The film was paused, Harry's focus switching to me instantly.

"Well, I wanted to know if it was alright with you if we could act like we do at home at the studio and stuff… or do you want to keep this a secret?" A sigh left Harry's lips, his body turning to face mine.

"Come here." He held out his hand, waiting for me to shuffle closer to him. "I like you Pepper… a lot. I want to see how things go between us, starting with me taking you out tomorrow?" His words came out as a question, my cheeks heating up. "I want people to know that I like you, and if that means I have to shout it to everyone we walk past I will." His words made me giggle, his lips curving upwards as he saw me laugh. "So no Pepper, I don't want to keep us a secret." We sat there smiling at each other. If we had had the curtains open and somebody had walked past, they'd think we were crazy. "Can I kiss you now?" He laughed, tightening his grip on mine.

"No." Harry's face was filled with both confusion and sadness, unsure at my answer. "Let's go to bed first." His face immediately lit up, both of us leaving the living room in its untidy state as we made our way to Harry's bedroom.

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