Harry & Pepper.

a series of one shots involving Harry and Pepper.


6. 97 Days.

"Jack is so bad at this. He thinks it's acceptable to have a green rug in a pink based room." Emma was shaking her head in disappointment of her boyfriend. Our conversation had moved onto our boyfriends' bad interior design choices, with both Nikki and Emma recently having moved in with their partners, as we waited for the Yr7's to come back on stage after the interval.

"What about you, Pepper? What's your new fella like?" I'd stayed quiet up until this point, not making any remarks about my boyfriend. I hadn't told anyone who I was dating, my family only finding out by chance, and even then I swore them to secrecy. But I liked it that way, keeping our relationship a bit more personal and out of the public eye.

"He's not bad, I suppose. His flat's actually quite stylish." The vintage tweak of his flat made it suit him really well. One of the reasons I really enjoyed the staying at his for as long as I did.

"Come on, tell us more about him! What's his name?" Being the youngest out of the three, I had sort of become the younger sister. Nikki and Emma always trying to get the latest gossip of my love life ever since we first met 3 years ago. I could trust them.

"Harry." The girls gasped. I think they had just figured out who he was. The girls had known I had joined the last leg of the tour with the boys, filling in for my uncle when he had to go away from a while. That's how we met.

"Na, you're joking right?" I shook my head shyly in reply. To be honest, I couldn't really believe it myself.

"Don't believe you." I knew they were joking, just trying to get some proof from me. I reached into my butt pocket, routinely unlocking my phone to show the girls my background. It was a picture of the day of my last day, me and the boys lounging around in their dressing room a good couple of hours before I had to leave. The boys had taken me under their wing, our similar ages enabling us to get along pretty well. Liam had begun to act like my older brother, becoming very protective over me. I think he was under strict instructions from my uncle to look after me, as was the rest of the team. Liam was the one that went a bit crazy when Harry first asked me out, along with Josh, but they soon started to accept us when they realised Harry cared for me. That was when they're attitudes completely changed about us, considering the first time I met Harry, they were the ones trying to make him look like a complete twat.

The picture was of Harry lying on a sofa, my body placed in between his legs and laying back against his chest. Our fingers were entwined, me finding my usual obsession to be playing with their abnormal length, and Harry's lips were pressed against my head. I had scolded Liam for taking it at the time, feeling my privacy violated slightly. But I found it unable to stay mad at him for long and had quickly learnt to love the picture. Their mouths dropped when I showed them the photo, but Emma still wasn't persuaded.

"That could be anyone." Her stubborn nature allowed me to expect a response like this, previous encounters I would be telling her for days until she fully believed me. I chuckled, Nikki playfully slapping the girl on her arm.

"I'll call him if you really want me to." I cocked my eyebrow, testing my friend.

"Go on then." Her reply was teasing, arms crossing against her chest as she challenged me. I flashed my eyes to the clock on the wall. I had 10 minutes until the interval ended. I'd have to be quick and pray that Harry wasn't busy at that moment. I set my phone on the desk, pressing the key that was speed dial to Harry's number. It began to ring, a small giggle leaving my mouth at the sight of Harry's contact picture, the face that he pulled to always make me laugh. 7 rings later and I thought he wasn't going to answer, moving my finger to end the call.

"Hey, Beautiful. Sorry I took so long to answer; Lou stole my phone and was teasing me." A large smile spread across me face at his voice, a small laugh leaving my mouth at Louis' typical behaviour. "I thought you weren't done until later?" Emma and Nikki's jaws falling even lower to the ground having heard Harry on the phone.

"Yeah um, there are just some people here that wanted to hear your voice... To know it was you." I picked up the phone, returning the volume to normal from speaker phone as I walked out of the booth to the balcony, leaving my friends in shock.

"You bragging about me?" Harry chuckled; I could tell he had a grin plastered on his face.

"Pfft you wish," I teased, "They just wanted to hear your voice"

"I miss you." Harry's words changed the atmosphere of the conversation immediately, my back sliding against the wall to sit on the floor. "How long is it now?"

"97 days." I kept a reminder on my phone, telling me everyday how long it would be until Harry had finished this tour and I could see him again.

"I don't want to wait that long, Baby. It's only been 4 weeks and I miss you like crazy." The day Uncle David returned to his job and I had to leave was very emotional, not only for me but most of the crew as well. I had produced such a bond with everybody that it was very emotional, more than a few tears being shed. Harry insisted on driving me home, a long and passionate kiss being shared between us before he reluctantly pulled away and drove back, knowing he would never leave if he stayed any longer.

"I miss you too." A knock on the booth door told me I had to end my call soon, the 2nd act of the drama production almost beginning. "Harry, I have to go." The hint of sadness in my voice amplified my reluctance to hanging up on the boy.

"Okay, well I've got 2 days off next week before we fly, but I have to help my mum with something back home. I hope you don't mind? You know I'd be with you if I could..." Harry's voice trailed off at the end, his voice already getting quieter as he entered what I presumed to by the rehearsal studio as Niall's thick accent shone done the phone.

"Harry stop flirting with your girlfriend and come dance with me." I chuckled when Niall emphasised girlfriend, knowing full well the boys still teased Harry because of our relationship.

"Babe I have to go too, are you sure you're okay with me not coming down next week? Mum sort of guilted me into helping."

"It's fine Harry, now go. I think Niall is missing his dance partner." I grinned as Harry deeply laughed at my words. "Do you still want me to call tonight or shall I leave it until tomorrow?"

"Call me tonight, beautiful. I still want to hear your pretty v-" The line was cut off; my presumptions were that one of the boys had stolen his phone before he could finish. Nothing new there then.




The next week felt longer than usual, the days seeming to go on for hours. I feel a little bit down that Harry couldn't come down to see me, but I had signed up to this kind of lifestyle when I accepted his offer to be his girlfriend, and I couldn't really deny him seeing his mum. My mood did cheer up a little when Louis sent me a picture of Harry keeping a tight hold of an unwilling Zayn as he slept.


Someone's missing his cuddle (fuck) buddy :D

Trust Lou to say something like that, but I had to admit Harry looked super cute in the picture. I couldn't bring myself to change the boys' names on my phone, their immaturity (well Louis and Niall's) reminding me of the amazing times I'd spent with them. So from now until probably forever, Louis is LOUIS AKA SEX GOD and Niall shall be known as MY ARSE IS PRETTIER THAN YOURS. I locked my front door behind me, kicking off my shoes and trailing into the kitchen to get a drink. My arms fisted the sink tap open to fill a glass with water when a strong pair of arms wrapped around my waist. Instantly dropping the glass, I swung my right fist around to the intruders gut, exactly like I had been taught to since a young age. I gasped when I saw who it was lying on the floor, bent over in pain.

"Jesus Harry, you scared the life out of me!" I slid to the floor to comfort my boyfriend, unpeeling his hands from his stomach and using my lips to try and kiss the pain away.

"You've got a great right hook on you there! Surprise by the way." Harry continued to groan through his words, my surprise that I had actually caused him harm through his toned abs was massive.

"I'm sorry; I didn't know it was you! I thought you were going to your mum's... What are you doing here?" Harry sat up from being sprawled out on the tiled floor, picking me up by my hips to sit on his lap. His lips immediately forced themselves to mine, hungrily begging for entrance. I couldn't deny him. I had missed this, his lips, his touch, far too much. And a month wasn't really even a long time compared to what I had to come. Once he finally pulled away due to lack of oxygen, he rested his forehead against mine, hands pressed tightly against my back as he pushed me as close to him as possible. He spoke before rewarding me with a second passionate kiss.


"97 days is too long"




(this was the first part I wrote, from which I decided to extend the story. this is why there might be some parts that cross over with other parts of the story.)

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