My (chemical) romance.

It's about the band My Chemical Romance (Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Frank Iero and Ray Toro). We all know the guys didn't like it at school and struggled with things. I'm gonna put that in the story and I'll also make things up like Frerard... Or is Frerard real... They never denied... :'D

I hope you'll like it! :D


6. Silence

Silence is the only thing I heard when I came downstairs.

No mom, no Mikey, nothing.

As usually. It made me feel calm. I like the silcence and peace when I'm all alone. No one who's gonna bother me and no one who's gonna tell me what to do. Perfect. It's so good that I almost forgot about my enemies who are still in my house and Frank who's walking down the stairs right now. I can hear his cute voice speaking but no one else is there. He sounds mad. Is he mad on himself or is he calling with someone? I hope the second thing, it would be very creepy if he's talking to himself. I think it's creepy when people talk to themselves aloud. It's like thinking in public, like eveyone can read your mind because you're actually reading it out. What's on my mind, stays on my mind.


''I'm sorry okay! Yes... Bye...''


Thank god, he's not talking to himself. I wonder why he's mad. Well he actually seems sad af. I hope he's okay. If I ask him, is that weird? Or do I show that I care about him then? Maybe I shouldn't doubt this much. I got nothing left to lose.


''Are you okay?''

''Yup. I'm just fine...''


I know he didn't mean it but I'll leave it. I don't wanna talk about it when I'm sad. Does he think the same? I don't know. It's hard to understand other people their feelings.


''Take some.''


I pointed at my self made sandwiches. They are awesome. The only thing I can do perfectly, is making sandwiches. It's like an oblation or a talent. Or just the only thing to make myself usefull.


''No, but thanks Gee...''

''Why not? You need to eat.''

''I know. I'll eat later, I feel sick at the moment...''


I know he's not okay but what can I do? Hey Frank I'm here to hug you and make you feel better! That's hopeless. He doesn't want that. I'll walk with him to school so he can be with his friends. And I... I'll just sit somewhere far away and draw. Maybe draw him. His perfect face. His perfect sad face.


Poor baby.

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