My (chemical) romance.

It's about the band My Chemical Romance (Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Frank Iero and Ray Toro). We all know the guys didn't like it at school and struggled with things. I'm gonna put that in the story and I'll also make things up like Frerard... Or is Frerard real... They never denied... :'D

I hope you'll like it! :D


28. Shirt

Frank TGS:


I don't know what just happened. I had such a great time with Gee untill his angry, little brother came in and fucking hit us in the face. What was wrong with him?

My face still hurted from the clap but I was more worried about Gerard. I was still sitting on the bed, thinking about what just happened. I grabbed a shirt from the ground and some underwear and I putted it on. Oh.. Wrong underwear. I grabbed MY underwear from the ground and putted it on. I walked towards the, still open, door but Ray walked in.


''Frank what's going on?''

''I don't know.., I was just...  I was with Gerard and then Mikey came in, started shouting at us and hit us. Bam! Right right in the face!''

''Shit! Really? Go to Gerard and take care of each other, I'll go after Mikey.''


I wasn't done talking but Ray was already gone.I saw Ray passing a half naked Gerard who just walked up the stairs with some blood on his face. I'm not sure if the blood is from Mikey or that he hit his head against the bed.

I stood up to give him his shirt but then I realize that I was wearing his shirt so I giggled a little bit.


''You're wearing my shirt silly.''

''Haha.., I'm sorry, I'll get my own shirt.''

''No it's okay, you can wear it.''


I kinda felt a little better now. Gee smiled at me and grabbed a new, clean shirt out of his wardrobe and putted it on.


''Did you talk with Mikey?''

''No.., he ran away... I'll leave him and go look for him later.''

''Aren't you worried about your brother?''


He gave me a little disappointed an sad look but he tried to change in into a smile. It worked out. He smiled, came near me and putted his hand on my cheek.


''Don't worry about me okay? Ray went after Mikes and I'm here., with you.''

''Oh.,kay.. Let's go downstairs and wait till they're back.''


My eyes were geting teary again but I didn't want to show it so I kissed Gerard on his warm, glowing forehead and wiped the blood away from his upperlip.



Gerard TGS:


Of course I'm worried about Mikey, but what can I do about it? That dick made his his own choices. Let's just make the best of it with Frankie. Ray is there to take care of Mikey...

I kissed Frank back on his lips and gave him a hug. I just hoped that It would make him smile again. I putted my pants on and looked back at Frankie.


''Let's drink something.''


I winked friendly at him and went downstairs, he followed.

I sat down on the couch and watched some tv. Frank lied down with his head on my laps, we didn't talk much, I guess he was thinking about Mikey too... I hope Ray found him.

It was getting darker outside when someone knocked on the front door. I looked at Frank who fell asleep on me. Adorable... I carefully stood up, trying not to wake him up, and opened the door very slowly. Just in case if it's Mikey. I don't wanna get hit again.

Luckily it was not someone who planned on hitting me. It was mum.


''Hey hun, I got your favorite food.''

''Hai mum.., great.''


I let my mum inside and closed the door after her. I felt a shiver down my spine, just because I don't want her to notice that Mikey is not here.




Fuck. Please don't... She's gonna be so pissed.




I walked into the kitchen and stand next to her. That uncomfortable feeling came back.

My mum laughed a little and gave me a funny face, then whispered at me.


''Why is Frank sleeping on our couch?''










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