My (chemical) romance.

It's about the band My Chemical Romance (Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Frank Iero and Ray Toro). We all know the guys didn't like it at school and struggled with things. I'm gonna put that in the story and I'll also make things up like Frerard... Or is Frerard real... They never denied... :'D

I hope you'll like it! :D


30. Not living in a real world

It's been an hour since Frank left my room to go take a shower. An hour of staring at the ceiling and thinking about what happened. Thinking about my little brother freaking out on me. Where did it go wrong? It wasn't really my fault, wasn't it? It was Mikey himself. Or the person inside of Mikey, the person who wasn't my little brother anymore. What has he done to himself... What have I done to him? Stealing his best friend who should be comforting him instead of sucking his brothers dick. I'm such an awful, selfish person.

I decided to get  a pencil and my sketchbook from my desk. I sat down on my bed and looked through the window. Trying to find some inspiration but I couldn't get my mind of Mikey and Frank. I sighed and looked down on the still empty paper. I moved my right hand towards the paper but a painful sting on my wrist made me remind of the horror I had done to myself. It made my hands shake a little and I couldn't get myself drawing so I leaned my head backwards and fell on my back on my soft, comfy bed. I sighed and closed my eyes.

I didn't know how long I've been lying like this but it was great to get my mind out of this world. Using my imagination to live in an unreal but perfect world. A world where there were no fights, no bullies and no drama scenes at all. Just me, Mikey, Ray and ofcourse Frankie having fun. I dreamed of big things that I could never make true in my real life. Things like being a musician. A great musician with a nice voice and an awesome band. Going on tours so I could see what the world looked like and not only being locked up in my own room and stuck in school for hours. But that was all my imagination.

On that moment I heard the door opening and I turned my head a little so I could see who came in. But I felt too sad and weak to put some more effort in it and sit up.


Frank TGS:


I opened Gerards door slowly and looked if he was still here. He was lying on his bed, glanced at me but closed his eyes quickly after that. It was all quiet. The only sound I could hear was the bass of Mikey's music banging against the wall.

I threw my dirty clothes and Gerards shirt I borrowed on my bag next to the bed and changed a towel around my hips into a boxershort and a sweatpants. Gerard still hasn't moved yet. He looks so sad but pretty. Lying on his bed with closed eyes, a perfect timing to cheer him up and get some bonus points in our relationship. But asking him out properly.., it's not time for that yet. I have to wait at least till Mikey feels better.

I climed up Gerards bed and crawled towards him but he still didn't move. Only his hands got closer to his legs so his fingers were able to scour against his black jeans like he had a twitch. He probably felt the matress moving as I was near him. I swang my leg over his and sat down on his thighs. He looked at me a little shocked and sat up quickly. I whispered at him.


''Don't be scared, it's just me. Nobody can see or hear us right now.''


His eyes only got bigger after I said that. I stroked his face and played with my lip ring. His sticky fingers left his jeans and slided over my sweatpants so his hands leaned on the side of my legs. He observed my naked torso and blushed as he looked me in my eyes. His eyes were a little red and moist, I could see that he has been crying.


''You okay?''


He stuttered, doubting what he should say.


''Yes.., well, no. Just a little worried about Mikey, that's all.''

''I'm always here for you but we should leave Mikey alone now, let's talk to him tomorrow okay? He'll probably be sleeping soon anyway.''

''Ray bought him beer for tonight.''


His voice suddenly sounded more determined which made me fell less lusted and more worried as well. I thought about Mikey for a second. He is my best friend and I should be here for him... But it's true, if he has alcohol he won't be able to talk about serious things like this and he will fall asleep after a few hours.


''Nothing can happen if he stays in his room. We could check through the keyhole if he's still there sometimes. You shouldn't worry about him too much.''

''That's an option but he's my little brother, I always worry about him.''

''I understand but listen, he's my best friend, I care for him really much too. I wouldn't just sit here if I knew he isn't save. Bro's before hoes right?''


Gerard giggled and frowned at me.


''Am I a hoe to you?''

''Haha no., but you know the saying right?''

''Then you're my hoe as well.''

''Oh., am I?''


I laughed and stroked through my hair so it would get out of my face, trying to be a little sexy. Gerard seemed a little more comfortable now he knew that I really cared about Mikey, and that I wanted him...

His hands were wrapped around my waist and he stared at my lips, ready to feel mine. I putted my left hand on his shoulder and my right hand was places in his messy hair. I leaned over so we could do what we were waiting for. I gently kissed his lips and he kissed mine. I felt his warm hands sliding over my sides, my ribcast and over my back as we made out. It made me feel so alive, I wanted more and more. Our movements become rougher and faster, it really turned me on. My hands glided down over his neck, shoulders and chest. I reached for Gerards crotch and grabbed it. His jeans fitted too tight on his legs but I still could feel his genitals. There became more distance between our heads when Gerard stopped kissing me. He moved his hips a little backwards so he could lay on the bed. Did this mean that he wanted more? I guess so.




I knelt over him and leaned on my forearms, my lips met his again but headed out to his neck. Gerard groaned while he slided his hands in my boxershort, over my butt towards my hipbones. I knew this was his first time having a very intimate and sexual experience but he was doing really good. Way too good. His hands started to shake a little bit when he started touching my genitals but fearless he started jerking off my erection. I moaned and bit his slimy underlip in order to get up a little to reach his belt but I couldn't find it. My hands were a little shaky too, not because of nervously but because of love, lust and the urge to go further than only this. It wasn't only Gerards first time, also mine. Or well, the first time with the other gender. I hold Gerards hand and stopped him from jerking me. He finished me off and I came all over his hand. It was so exciting and there was so much energy that I was already out of breath. I sat back on his lap again and tried to speak some words out but I was breathing too heavily. I reached to his belt again and tried to loose it but Gerard suddenly sat up again and grabbed my, still shaking hands.


''Gee, I., I want you., inside me, now.''


I shook his hands off mine and wiped some sweat away what has appeared on my forehead. Gerard looked at me uncertainly.


''Frank.., I think...''


I didn't want to wait, I just wanted to feel him. I wanted to feel his warmth inside of me so I tried lo loose his belt again but he grabbed my hands again.


''Frank, I'm not ready for this...''

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