My (chemical) romance.

It's about the band My Chemical Romance (Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Frank Iero and Ray Toro). We all know the guys didn't like it at school and struggled with things. I'm gonna put that in the story and I'll also make things up like Frerard... Or is Frerard real... They never denied... :'D

I hope you'll like it! :D


17. Never coming home

Frank TGS:


Headache. I looked around and I didn't recognize where I was. I sat up and looked again. My neighbors house... I saw the old man watching tv on a brown sofa while the old lady was reading on the other couch where I lied on.


''What happened?''

''Oh boy you're back! Do you feel better?''

''Sorry what? What happened?''

''You were lying on the street and you fainted so we took you to our house. We should go to the hospital to let your wounds get cleaned. You have hurt yourself really bad!''


I remember now... Mikey, Gerard, I fell... I'm so mad at Gerard but my head hurts too much to think about him and what happened.


''Thank you very much for taking care of me but I'm okay. I'll go home.''

''Are your parents home? You need to go to the hospital.''


Parents... My mom is working and my dad is home. Probably watching porn or drinking. My dad is a dick. He don't treat my mom and me right. I hate him so much. My mom always need to do everything in our house. She earns the money, cleans the house, makes food and everything else. I try to help her a lot but I'm also busy with school and stuff or my dad wants me to stay in my room. I never protest against that, which is really stupid cause he will do bad things to my mom but he will beat me up when I try to help her. I don't like it to be home. 



''Get in the car, I will come with you.''

''Thank you very much.''


The old lady stand up and walked towards the front door.


''Can you get up yourself or do you need help?''

''I think I can do it alone...''


I stand up as well and walked out the door, escorted to a small, red car. I got into the car and smelled the odor of old people. The car started uneasily and the lady drove carfully away to the hospital.


''So what happened? Why were you lying on the street darling?''


My neigbor is a very friendly woman who always tries to help me. I always went to her house when my parents were fighting. Till I got older and started being anxious for people. She always made me feel comfortable.


''I was running and I fell cause I didn't see the curb.''

''Why were you running? Were you too late for school?''

''No.., there was something wrong with Mikey... One of the sons of Mrs.Way who lives in the street across ours.''


I wonder what was wrong with him. I hope he is okay. He is my best friend but he took my crush away... His brother. Anyways I think it's very funny and cool that they are brothers.


''Oh, I know them, Mrs.Way and her son. Nice people. Does she have two sons? I didn't know that!''

''Yes, Mikey and Gerard.''

''I never saw him! Are you friends with him? You should introduce him to me!''


She smiled and seems so cheerful. I can't lie to her. She always was and is still so nice to me. But introducing him... I don't know if I wanna see him. I think I will freak out.


''Yes, uhhm... We have... I have a special friendship with him.''

''That is very nice to hear! We should drink some tea soon.''

''Yes, we should...''


Finally. A few minutes late we arrived on the parking area of the hospital. It's already getting darker. I'm not sure what time it is.

The lady helped me out of the car. My head is still hurting and I can feel the blood still coming out of the wounds on my cheek, under my eye and on my hand. My eye is probably swollen up.



Gerard TGS:


Ray putted his hands on his face and looked at me furious but scared.


''What the fuck dude!''


I don't know what I just did. My mouth fell open and I looked at him shocked. Why the fuck did I had to do this? He just tried to help me.


''I'm... I'm sorry!''

''What the fuck is wrong with you?!''


I need to get out of here. I just wanna be alone. I'm a fuck up. I already fucked up with Frank and now with Ray. Everyone is better off without me. I'm worthless.

My eyes are burning and getting moist. I wanna go home, cry till there are no tears left. Cut till I blood to death.

I still saw Ray looking at me. I turned around very quickly and ran away. Trying to go to home.


Till I almost ran against a familiar face. A very sad face. The sad face I left on the street.



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