My (chemical) romance.

It's about the band My Chemical Romance (Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Frank Iero and Ray Toro). We all know the guys didn't like it at school and struggled with things. I'm gonna put that in the story and I'll also make things up like Frerard... Or is Frerard real... They never denied... :'D

I hope you'll like it! :D


18. Just a boy, not a hero

Frank TGS:


I walked towards the front door of the hospital with my neighbor. I don't like hospitals, people die there and come there when they're hurt. Like me, now. I'm not gonna die but I'm hurt. My head, face and heart hurt. Well my heart does not literally but figuratively. Gerard broke it.


''They will fix you up darling, don't be scared.''


I probably look like a puppy that goes outide for the first time. I'm just a little scared for the doctors.

The lady grabbed my hand and smiled at me friendly. She is so nice and cute. I smiled back but I'm still sad.


''I'm okay.''


What the fucking fuck? Someone ran against us. I felt a stab in my head which made it hurt more. Fucking idiot! Who the fuck was that?


''What the fuck dude! Who do you thi...''


Gerard. Fucking Gerard. What the fuck man. Why did he ran up against us? Why the fuck couldn't he watch out? Fucking asshole.

He looked at me. His beautiful but sad eyes, right in my brown, moist eyes. Why is he even here?


Gerard TGS:


Frank. I wanted to see him and speak with him what happened but not this way. Bad things always happen to me. I'm a failure of human being. I better get the fuck out of here.


''I'm sorry, I didn't mean to.''


Now get the fuck out. I tried to run away again but a hand grabbed my arm.


''Gerard wait!''

''No, wanna go home!''


Tears suddenly flowded down my eyes. I don't wanna talk to anyone. Even not Frank. I need to be alone.


''Why are you here?! Is it Mikey?''


Shit. Mikey. I left him. I left Frank and now I even left my own brother. I can't just go home and leave him there. He's got hurt. He needs me. I should go to him now.


''Yes.., he broke his leg...''

''Shit, really? Is he okay?''

''I don't know...''


I guess he is okay. Ray is there as well... I don't wanna see Ray. I messed it up with him. So did I with Frank. I'm glad he is not mad at me right now. Well he probably is but he is worried about Mikey too. I just told him about Mikey.., so... Why is he here? Is it the old lady, his neighbor?


''I guess he is, but are you? Why are you here?''

''Good, I'll visit him soon! Nothing just a control.''


His voice weakened. I didn't know that he got an illniss or dissability.

I only looked at his brown eyes. I didn't noticed the wounds on his face. But I do now...

A stitch in my stomach and a shiver down my spine got me silent. I don't feel good about this but I got to ask him.


''Why..? What happened?''

''What the fuck do you think what happened? Asshole.''


I could know it. I'm so stupid. I never should've left him.

Frank and the old lady walked away. They were talking to each other but I could't hear it. Drowning in my thoughts again. Trying to leave this world. I wish I could step out of my body and fly away to a better place.

Thinking positive is my motto today. I fucked up with Frank and Ray but I saved or well just helped Mikey. I'm just a boy, I'm not a hero. I don't care. I will carry on.

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