My (chemical) romance.

It's about the band My Chemical Romance (Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Frank Iero and Ray Toro). We all know the guys didn't like it at school and struggled with things. I'm gonna put that in the story and I'll also make things up like Frerard... Or is Frerard real... They never denied... :'D

I hope you'll like it! :D


21. How problems can be logical or not

Frank TGS:


He just makes me feel happy and alive. I also might get a little horny of him. I can't stay mad at him. His face, his hair, his voice, his style, his character, he's perfectly perfect. I just want him, only him.


''Frank.., I don't think this is the right moment...''

''Why not? We're alone and we got plenty time left before our classes start.''

''You don't understand.''


Why is Gerard so difficult sometimes? Damn.


Gerard stood up and walked away, towards the, still open, classroom door. I stood up as well and I tried to grab his arm, again, but I missed. He didn't seem to notice that I wanted him to stay.


''Gerard, please, stay.''

''Why? I need to go.''

''To talk...''

''But we already did, right?''


He sounded a lot calmer now and he tried to smile but only a grin appeard on his face. I like how he's a bit mysterious sometimes.



''Frank, if there's anything else what you wanna say, tell me okay?''

''Yes Gerard...''


''Nothing I guess...''


This is getting really awkward. I get really awkward when things happen like this happen. I feel like he friendzoned me. Why didn't he just wanna kiss? Is he mad or something? Just fucking give me that fucking kiss. I need Gerard.  I need to feel him. His love, his body.

Instead of feeling him, I was looking how he disappeard in the hallway which was getting really busy with lots of other students.




Even though I exalted my voice, I wasn't sure if he could hear me. A girl I don't know passed me and looked at me angrily. I probably shouted in her ear.


''What are you looking at girl?''

''Well the only thing I see is an ugly faggot.''


Come on, really? How cliche.

I putted up my middle fingers, smiled at her and walked away.

That bitch.



Gerard TGS:


I didn't want to insult him or make him feel awkward. He just don't understand me. I don't think he even understands himself. Maybe it's the age. It's not much but he's a bit younger than me.  


Math class, something I don't mind. Math is easy. Well it's not easy when you don't understand how to do it but when you do, it's very logic and easy. It's also a kinda nice. I mean, like life, it's something what's definetly not logical. Everything you do can be negative and positive at the same time. When you kill someone, it's a good thing for you cause you finally eliminated that person but for others it will be awful cause they didn't want to lose him or her. Math is also very easy when you compare it to life. There will always be a way to solve a calculation. And if you found it, it's obvious if you did it right or not. Doesn't matter what your opinion is, your answer will solve it or not.


My thoughts helped me trough the first half of the math lesson. My work was already finished and I could only think about Mikey. I drawed two skeletons in my notebook. One of them has a broken leg.

10 minutes left. The noise of my classmates chatting with eachother.


''Mister, can I go to the bathroom please?''


Teachers don't like it when students ask that. They never go to the bathroom anyways. They just wanna skip a part of the lesson.

I heard him sigh.


''Make it quick.''


I left the classroom and closed the door.


''202.., 203.., 204...''


This is it, the classroom where Frank has a class. I walked slower and looked through the window. No teacher, only some noisy, unsettled teenagers sitting on the tables, throwing stuff and chatting with eachother. Somewhere in the middle were two guys talking together. One of them had blonde hair and was sitting with his back to me. He probably said something very funny cause the other one was laughing at him. I couldn't hear his laugh through the window and over the other teenagers but it was beautiful. Frank. I shouldn't spy him. Too late, he looked up and saw me. I smiled. Awfully. He smiled back. Perfectly. The blonde guy turned and looked at me. I wanted to go back to my class but I saw Frank making a gesture to the blonde guy that he needed to wait and he stood up and walked to the classroom door. He opened it a little wherefore he stood half in the hallway.


''Hey Gee.''


''Can I ask you something?''

''Yes, sure.''


His voice sounded a little insecure which is really cute.

I walked closer to him and watched his uncertain smile.


''Are we alright?''

''Hmm, yea.''

''Good, thank you.''


He sounded and looked a way more relieved now. I'm glad he care about us.


''It's alright. I need to go back to my class now. See you later.''

''Okay, later Gee.''


I stroked his messy hair and kissed his cheek. I saw him blushing and a cute smile appeard on his face again.

I can't deny, the same happened to me.

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