My (chemical) romance.

It's about the band My Chemical Romance (Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Frank Iero and Ray Toro). We all know the guys didn't like it at school and struggled with things. I'm gonna put that in the story and I'll also make things up like Frerard... Or is Frerard real... They never denied... :'D

I hope you'll like it! :D


25. Giggle

I felt Mikeys arm against my left and Franks arm against my right. We were lying on a few mattrasses in Mikeys room and we watched a horror movie.  I noticed Frank being scared cause he grabbed my arm when he found it scary. It is really cute. Ray was still here too but I couldn't see him because he was lying next to Mikey and I was too lazy to sit up and look at him. Oh and Frank was a kinda lying on me, what I didn't mind at all. Everytime when something scary in the movie happened, he startled, jumped up, grabbed my arm, pushed his face into my chest and after that, he giggled. If I had to make a Frank-action-list, this would be on number two. His cute smile when he bares his teeth would definetely be on number one.



M ''What's on your mind Gee? Why aren't you watching the movie?''

G ''What? Oh, sorry. I was just thinking.''



Drowned in my mind again. I love it. I can imagine everything I want. I can imagine a perfect life, being happy, being with Frank, even do things with Frank... Sounds stupid but it makes me feel better when I'm lonely and when I feel bad. It even helps me to get through a boring school day. When I'm lost in thoughts, the time flies away when you shut yourself from the world.


M ''About?''

R ''Probably about Frank.''


How did he know? I know he's just messing with me but it's true. I don't know how to reply on jokes which are not funny because they are true, like this. Anyways Frank is next to me so I can't admit. Really awkward.


G ''None of your business fro.''

M ''So it's a yes. Obviously.''

G ''Fuck you.''


Ray and Mikey laughed a little and I smiled back. Frank was suddenly quiet, staring at the tv and blushing. He's probably ashamed of the fact that I like him. He said he liked me too but I'm me... What if he also like Mikey? Or Ray? No, that's stupid but the only thing I can make up.

Frank leaned over me whispered in my ear.


''It's okay, I know you were thinking about me.''


He sat back and continued watching tv. After a few seconds he giggled. It made me giggle too. I saw Mikey looking at me with a smile on his face so I smiled back. He's so cute. I love my little brother.


After a little while the movie ended and we sat across each other on our beds. Me and Mikey on his bed, with Frank across me and Ray across Mikey on Rays bed. It looked like we had a meeting to tell each other special news, but actually we didn't. Frank started a conversation.


F ''Mikey, how's your leg?''

M ''Good I guess, I don't feel much.''

R ''Well that sounds like a good thing.

G ''And why is that a good thing?''


Frank nudged me and gave me a we-see-what-you-did-there-look. I directly knew what was going on in his mind. I like the way he thinks. But yea, is there anything I dislike of him? I don't think so.


R ''So he feels not pain anymore you stupid ass.''

F ''Feels no pain where exactly?''

M ''Gee can you get me a beer please? I can not stand you guys anymore.''

G ''Sure.''


I stood up and looked down on the 3 boys on the beds. I never felt this warmth. I never had a friendship like I have with them. Even because they only like me cause of Mikey, I love to be with them.


G ''I'll leave you guys to discuss about your secrets.''


Mikey looked at me annoyed and sighed.

Mikeys room wasn't that big. The four mattresses were pushed together but still filled the whole room. There was only some space left to walk from the door to the tv. Ray leaned a bit sidewards so I could pass by between him and Frank. I opened the door but a hand grabbed mine.


F ''I'll go with you. I don't think they wanna share the information with me.''

R ''Well that's a stupid excuse.''


Frank putted up his middle finger to Ray and made a big smile. I opened the door and pulled Frank with me. He waved at Ray and Mikes and closed the door.

Mikey had some beers hidden in my room cause mom don't want us to drink too much and she never lookes in my room. So I leaded Frank to my room, knowing that I want more than just some beers. And knowing that he wanted it as well.

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