My (chemical) romance.

It's about the band My Chemical Romance (Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Frank Iero and Ray Toro). We all know the guys didn't like it at school and struggled with things. I'm gonna put that in the story and I'll also make things up like Frerard... Or is Frerard real... They never denied... :'D

I hope you'll like it! :D


32. Dozy

Frank TGS:


A noisy sound coming from the tv woke me up. My legs entangled in Gerards and his arm resting on my chest. I bended over to see if he was still sleeping. His eyes were closed and his chest moved calmly up and down. He is so beautiful... Will he be the guy I'm going to share the rest of my life with? I tenderly stroked his hair and I kissed him on his forehead. It made me smile.

On the contrary of Gerard, Mikey was already up. He was watching some cartoons.


''Good morning Mike, why are you already awake?''

''Morning, my leg hurts and my headache keeps me awake.''

''Do you want an asperine or something else?''

''I'm fine.''


Mikey wasn't really a morning person. I used to stay up all night to play videogames with him and Ray and after that, we would sleep till the morning ends, except Mikey, he slept till late in the noon. But from now it would all be different. Now his brother turned out to be gay, even worse his brother was with his best friend and besides that he also had his own problems. It couldn't be worse. I should help him... Giving up on Gerard is not an option but if his addictions dissapear he will maybe accept it and see how we even can get closer as friends. I sat back and watched the tv as well, it was my favorite show.

I should get get a plan to help Mikey though.



''What are you up to today?''


''Do you wanna do something together today?''

''Like what.., I can't do anything with my leg.''


Well that escalated quickly. I'm the worst friend ever.


''Think about what you can do, not what you can't.''

''Frank, not now, I'm too tired.''

''My parents won't be at home today, we can go watch a movie and just hang out, I'll call Ray. Text your other friends.''



I knew Mikey acted like he didn't care but somewhere, deep, very deep inside he loved me for always being optimistic. In the end we always had fun. I loved to keep up with him. I always liked him somehow. I even thought I had a little crush on him but something was missing, something I found in Gerard. Gerard didn't mind that he wasn't one of the popular guys at school, he didn't even act like he wanted to be cool. And all that made him cool to me.

I looked at him as I was thinking about him. He seemed to be awake but his eyes were still closed. I poked his chubby cheek a few times. He looked cute as fuck. It made me giggle a bit. I poked his other cheek but he turned away to Mikey with his back in my direction. I grinned and leaned on him to poke his cheek again. His sleepy, hoarse voice spoke.


''Let me sleep you little bitch.''

''No you have to wake up, it's already 9am!''


He didn't seem to gave a fuck and used his pillow to cover his face to ignore me. I tried to capture the pillow but I wasn't strong enough. I liked it to mess a little with him, he probably knew I only did it to get his attention but that is also exactly what I wanted. With all the power I had inside I pulled Gerard over and quickly sat down on his belly, grabbed the pillow and threw it off the bed. He tried to keep a pokerface but a little, shy smile won it. Only Mikey could keep a pokerface without letting any smiles or grins through.


''Get off me I'm sleeping.''

'''Not anymore.''

''That's because you woke me idiot.''

''Oh, really?''


I winked to make it even more sarcastic. He rolled with his eyes and gave me a little nudge.


''Haha, I'm sorry Gee but even Mikey is awake.''


Mikey looked dozy away from the tv and waved almost motion and emotionless at Gerard, like he didn't gave a fuck about anything, what was probably true. Gerard rubbed his eyes and ran his hand through his hair. It was so cute but sexy at the same time.

A big smile appeared on my face when I leaned over and he stroked over my cheek, through my hairs and finally at the back of my head so he could push me gently towards him and kiss me tender on my lips.


''Now get me some coffee sweetheart.''

''What? Are you seducing me for that?''


I crooked my eyebrow and laughed teasily. I knew he was just kidding, he wouldn't even dare to command me. Except maybe when he's extremely horny and wants to have rough sex. Secretly, very secretly I hoped to experience that. He probably already knew I was like that. The other day I was just a bit too much sexually aroused. Sometimes that kinda things just happen when you're a teenage boy with an attention deficit disorder. Not that I never get attention or something like that but I just wanted his attention and I had so many and big thoughts about it, about us. I couldn't help it. Ah well, he probably understands me right?


''Okay okay I'll get you some. Do you want too Mikey?''

''Yea, please.''

''To your service!''


I jumped off Gerard and left the room.


Gerard TGS:


I waited till Frank closed the door again when I got out of my bed and sat down on Mikeys. He looked up from the tv turned it off. He sighed but gave me his attention.


''You wanna talk?''

''Yup. Do you know what happened yesterday?''

''I don't wanna talk about it.''

''Then can I.., can I ask you something?''


Of course I knew he wouldn't wanna talk about but what else could I do? I can't just let him ruin himself. I didn't even know what he has all been doing. He didn't even told me how he feels, even when I'm the one he always goes to for comfort.

He looked at me a little frustrated but scared at the same time and didn't say anything. He just doubtfully nodded his head.


''Are you really that mad at me? I mean.., you know... That I liked Frank and he likes me as well?''

''I was just a little pissed and drunk yesterday.''

''But are you okay with it that me and Frank are...''


Actually I didn't know what me and Frank were. We're more than just friends but I didn't ask him out yet, I wouldn't dare to. He will probably say no anyway. I'll just wait till he asks me out. If he does...

Even though I know he wanted me the other day, I'm still insecure about myself. What if he discovers how awful, boring and messed up I am.


''No, it's okay. If you're happy, I'm happy.''

''You don't have to pretend, just tell me the truth.''

''I'm happy for you Gee, seriously. I'm glad you found a good person to look after you. You will need it because Ray arranged that I can go to a psychiatrist and they will help me kick the habit so I won't be able to be here for you for a while.''


My little brother, he always knew how to make me feel better. His words made me feel relieved and hopeful. If he really has to leave for a long time it will still make me feel like shit but I had a lot of courage and with Frank on my side, we could make it through. We will be happy together and when Mikey's back they can still have their close friendship. Wouldn't that be beautiful?

The door opened and a little guy entered with two big mugs, filled with good smelling coffee.


''Here is your order, sir!''


Mikey smiled at me friendly and gave me a hug.


''Don't worry about it brother.''



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