My (chemical) romance.

It's about the band My Chemical Romance (Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Frank Iero and Ray Toro). We all know the guys didn't like it at school and struggled with things. I'm gonna put that in the story and I'll also make things up like Frerard... Or is Frerard real... They never denied... :'D

I hope you'll like it! :D


16. Diseased

Frank TGS:


I felt the cold, hard bricks of the street under my head. Blood dripping from my nose down to my chin. My head hurts really bad, just like my whole face. I can still see Gerard running away from me on his way to his brother. Looking after him to me. Waiting for me to come.


''Gee..! Help!''


I tried but he couldn't hear me anymore. He fucking run away from me. That bitch. I thought we were buddies now. He told me he love me and I told him I love him, what the heck is going wrong now?


''Oh dear boy, are you okay?''


A worried voice spoke. It was my neighbor. An old lady with her husband were looking at me.


''Yes, I'm fine. I just fell ove..''






Gerard TGS:


''I'm gonna call a doc, stay here with Mikey okay?''


Mikeys eyes were sparkling. Not cause of hapiness but because of the tears but he didn't want to cry. It's not 'cool' when you cry. He don't wanna show that he's got hurt. 


''Gerard, I'm not wearing a shirt...''

''I know.''


Sigh. Stupid ass.


''Why didn't you put me some more clothes on...''

''I don't know. You're sexy.''


Jokes. I never make much jokes cause it always turn out awkwardly. I told him more often he looks good or sexy but I just realized that I promised myself that I was gonna tell him about my gay being...


''I know, I know.''

''Mikey, I think I need to tell you something...''

''What's the matter?''


It's much harder to tell Mikey than I told Frank. I'm afraid Mikey will hate me. We got such a good relationship and maybe I'm gonna fuck it up now.


''Mikey! Gerard! We can come now!''


Ray showed up with a weelchair. I don't know if it's a good thing that I haven't told Mikey what I wanted to say yet... Thank you Ray.


''Can you both help me in the weelchair? I don't think I can do it alone.''

''Sure. Wake up Gerard, are you day dreaming again?''

''No uhh yes, I don't know. Sorry. I'll help.''


Ray and me helped Mikey in the chair which was really easy because Mikey doesn't weight that much and Ray is pretty strong. But I'm still afraid we did hurt Mikey. I still can't believe what happened.


A short, black haired, friendly nurse walked with us to the first aid. She reminded me of Frank who also has black hair and is shorter than me. I wonder where he is now. He never came after me or to my house.


''So you are Mikey Way? Tell me what happened.''

''Yes, well it's a very long story.., but I fell of the stairs and I think I have broken my leg... It hurts.''

''I'll take a look.''


It makes me sad to see Mikey like this. He don't have to be strong now, it happened, nobody can change it. He will probably be mad if I tell him that it's okay to cry so I won't. The thoughts about the conversation I planned to had with him was also still floating in my head. I need to talk about it... Now...


''Me and Gerard are gonna wait for you outside okay?''

''Sure. I'm gonna be fine.''


What... I wanna stay here with Mikey. I don't wanna leave him.


''I'm staying...''

''Gerard, please.''


Ray pushed my back gently towards the door of the doctor his room. Sigh, okay.

We walked outside to a bench underneath a tree in a little garden in front of the hospital and sat down.


''Are you okay, Gerard?''


''You seem shocked and not well. You looked very scared and turned all white when Mikey talked with the doc.''


I'm indeed not feeling very well. I just want Mikey to be okay and cuddle with my Frankie. If he is still my Frankie... I'm worried.


''I'm just worried.''

''Don't. Mikey is gonna be okay. He is very strong.''


Should I tell Ray that I'm actually also worrying about Frank? And that I'm not only worried about Mikey his leg but also his heart and our relation if I tell him I'm gay? Ray is a very trustable person but I promised to tell Mikey first if something is going on. I'm already too late for that anyways. I already told Frank. Im a bad big brother. He deserves better.


''I know. Ray, can I talk with you about something..?''


''Look... I told Mikey to tell him everything. I always did, except for one thing... Or two... I feel really bad about it because it's really important and I did tell someone else...''

''Depends. What is it? Is it really a big deal?''


A big deal..? Is it a big deal? I can't tell. Ray always tries to help everyone and is very friendly but his questions are really hard to answer. It's easier to be clear about everything.  


''I'm gay and I gave Frank a blowjob.''


Rays eyes became big and stared at me. He looks surprised but disapointed as well. I know I just said something stupid again. Well it's the truth, just gotta deal with it.


''What...? Sorry I... I never thought you liked guys. And about Frank... I don't think that I can help you with that...''

''Oh. It's okay.''


I stand up and walked away. Or tried to. Ray grabbed my arm but I tried to shake it off. It's getting too much now. I wanna go home.


''Gerard wait! I'm sorry for my reaction, I didn't mean it like that...''

''I just wanna be alone okay.''

''No, wait!''


Ray also stand up and walked after me. He pulled my shoulder towards to him. He better didn't do that. I wanna be alone. Get myself what I deserve. A silver sharp blade through my skin. I need it. I know it wouldn't help me with my problems but it is like a drug. Once you start, it's not easy to stop. But now, Ray needs to go to Mikey and fucking leave me.


'''Go away! Go to Mikey!''

''Gerard please, not again. Listen to me!''


He pulled on my shoulder again and I looked at him, right in his eyes.


''Fuck off!''


My fist swinged towards to his head and hit him. Right in his face, under his eye. The same place where Frank fell on.   

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