My (chemical) romance.

It's about the band My Chemical Romance (Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Frank Iero and Ray Toro). We all know the guys didn't like it at school and struggled with things. I'm gonna put that in the story and I'll also make things up like Frerard... Or is Frerard real... They never denied... :'D

I hope you'll like it! :D


29. Boiling

I laughed a bit and told her carefully about Mikey who ran away with his plasten leg but Ray who ran after him. Luckily she wasn't mad because I didn't came after him. This could be a great moment to tell her about me and Frank right..? Let's just do it.

My mother started cooking dinner so I sat down next to the stove on the counter. She looked at me and smiled friendly. Maybe she isn't that bad after all. I smiled back at mom then looked at Frank. Still sleeping on my couch, not being active in this world.


''Mom, can I talk about something with you?''

''Sure honey.''

''I know I don't tell you much about myself.., but.,uhm...''

''Yes I noticed that, you should be more open against your own mother.''

''You know Frank likes guys right..?''


I expected her to look up from the boiling pans but she just kept on doing her thing.


''Yes, your brother told me something like that. Is that worrying you?''

''Not really. Well maybe a little bit., we kinda...''


I looked up to check on Frank if he was still sleeping. Fortunatly he was. It would be awkward if he was awake and listening to this converstation. I'm still an awkward fuck. But so far pretty good, my mother still didn't freak out about Mikey and everything else.


''You kinda? Do you think you like him?''


It kinda surprised me that she came with that idea, specially that she was still concentrating on the food and acted like she already knew everything. A crooked smile on my face appeard. She was right but I don't know how to talk about these kind of things.



''That is okay. I already expected you to somehow.''


I felt so shy and awkward that she already 'expected' me to be gay, or well at least that I like Frank.

On that moment I heard a yawn coming from the living room. Frank sat up and rubbed his eyes. Afterwards he stood up and walked towards me and my mom. She smiled and winked at me. It made me smile a bit but I was scared that she would make fun of me or Frank.


''Hello Frank, did you sleep well?''

''Hello Mrs.Way, haha yes I did! I'm sorry I just fell asleep before I knew it.''

''It's okay little boy, do you want to eat dinner here? I got som left if Mikey doesn't show up soon.''

''I'd love to, thanks.''


My mom looked friendly at Frank but continued cooking dinner. Frank came closer to me and gave me a weird look, I couldn't understand what he was trying to say. I gave him a weird look back with the meaning what-the-fuck. He did understand me and giggled. He gave me the same look as he did before but added some hand gestures which are meant to make it more understandable. It made me feel awkward cause my mother kept an eye on us and she probably thought that he was being a little pervert or something.

Randomly the door bell rang. I hopped off the counter and walked to the front door. I already could see through the little window that it were Mikey and Ray. Fuck.., I totally forgot about them! I hope Mikey is okay, he ran away with his still weak leg and felt like shit... And it was all my fault. What if he hits me again?

I opened the door carefully. Mikey was staring at the ground but looked me quickly in the eyes with a frustrated look. Ray was standing after Mikey and looked a little worried, he also got a bag with him what looked pretty heavy. I wondered what was in there till Mikey pushed me away.


''Stop staring idiot, let me in.''


I didn't say a word and just watched Mikey walking to the living room. He sat down on the couch and started to talk with Frank, who also looked really worried.It made me feel even worse. Ray also got in and closed the door after him.


''Can I put my bag upstairs please?''



Ray walked halfway upstairs but then looked back at me.


''Can I talk to you for a minute?''


I sighed. I messed it up again. It's all my fault. I don't know what happened out there with Mikey but it doesn't seem good.

I walked after Ray to Mikey's room. The floor was still covered with matresses where we were supposed to sleep. Ray dropped his bag next to the empty spot next to the tv and then sat down on a matress. I closed the door and sat down across Ray.


''It's Mikes, isn't it?''

''Yup.., he ran, or well tried to run to the bus stop so he could go to the city and head out to a bar. But the bus wasn't there yet so I got enough time to talk with him and walk home.''

''Why did it take so long? What did you say? what did he say?''

''Gerard calm yourself, he save at home now. But.., I made him a promise and he made me one. I bought him more beer cans for tonight and in return he will go see a psychologist Monday. I already made an appointment for him.''

 ''That's good.., I guess... Thank you for going after him. I just couldn't, I'm sorry.''


My eyes got soggy by the thought that I wasn't there for Mikey. I'm like the worst brother ever. I make myself hate me so much. At least Ray is here to help me with Mikey. He's too good for this world, he deserves an award or an oscar or something. I had to restrain myself not to cry but it was hard.

My mom called me and Ray downstairs for dinner so we stood up. Before I could open the door he putted his hand on my shoulder and looked at me hopefully.


''Don't worry about it too much, everything is gonna be okay.''

''I hope so...''


Ray is like these optimistic persons that always keep positive and believe that in the end, everything will be alright. I'm not sure about that. Not because of Mikey, I know he's strong and will probably have a good future. But me.., I can't be sure.

We walked downstairs and found a seat at the kitchen table. Mikey, Frank and my mother already started eating. Nobody said a thing, the only sound in the room was the cuterly that touched the porcelain plates and the big, old, clock ticking on the wall. Everyone seemed to be in an uncomfortable position. My mother spoke up.


''What is going on boys? You all look like wild animals, Frank is full with bruises, Mikey his leg is still covered in gypsum and Gerard what happened to your eye? It looks red and sore.''


Mikey sat across me and looked at me angrily like he didn't want me to tell that he hit me. I didn't planned to anyway, he should know by know that I'm not some talebearer. I saw Frank looking down to his empty plate. I knew he wouldn't wanna start again about what happened earlier on the curb and what his dad did to him so I wanted to say something before my mom would ask him about it but Mikey interrupted me.


''It can only be because of one stupid person on this fucking table.''

''Mikey, watch your language! What happened?''


My mother didn't know about Mikey his addictions. She thought it was just 'sometimes a little bit', but no.


''Well that disguasting faggot right there had to fuck up my feelings and keep me away from my fucking friends!''


Mikey stood furious up and pointed at me. He started shouting some brutal things at me like he never did before. I looked up at him and I was, for the first time, scared of my little brother. This is not my little brother anymore. This is some addicted freak. Mikey had to take a deep breath and then looked at Frank.


''And you, I fucking trusted you. You were my fucking friend. You liked it huh? When my brother fucked you in the ass? Well fuck you all, get all fucked!''

''Michael! It's enough now! Go to your room!''

''Fine! You don't know anything about these traitors.''


I checked on Frank if he wasn't crying, he didn't deserve this. He cleared his throat but nothing came out. I know it's hard for him if he needs to chose between his best friend or his.., I don't know, let's say 'boyfriend'. Specially in our situation. Ray just sat there in silent, trying not to interfere.

We all listened to Mikey fierce walking up the stairs and slaming his door as he finally was there.


''Boys, I don't know what happened but I think it's better if you all go home. And Gerard I want to talk with you.''

''Mrs. Way it's really not what you might think it is! Me and Gerard didn't..''

''Frank, please. I'm not blaming you for anything. Just go home.''

''Mom, Frank has nothing to do with this.., it's all my fault.''


Ray stood up and thanked my mother for the dinner. And as wise as he was he said good bye and went home. Away from all the trouble. My mother stood up as well and cleaned up the table. Frank on the contrary stared frightened at me. I knew what he was thinking about. He didn't want to go home, it would be even more terrible there. His eyes were begging me to say something so he could stay the night.


''Mom., Frank his parents are not home this weekend. Can't he please stay? He can sleep in my room, I'll sleep on the couch.''

''Gerard, that wouldn't be fair against Mikey. You can't do that.''


Frank finally looked up and started trying to change my mothers mind as well.


''Please Mrs.Way, I don't wanna look for any trouble but my parents left and I don't have a key...''

''Mom, you can't let him sleep on the street.''


I heard my mother sighing as she looked decisive at Frank and me.


''Alright then... Frank, just take the other bed in Gerards room. But if I hear any of you looking for trouble you are all gonna sleep on the street.''


Frank smiled relieved at my mother.


''Thank you Mrs. Way.''




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