My (chemical) romance.

It's about the band My Chemical Romance (Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Frank Iero and Ray Toro). We all know the guys didn't like it at school and struggled with things. I'm gonna put that in the story and I'll also make things up like Frerard... Or is Frerard real... They never denied... :'D

I hope you'll like it! :D


23. Beer

Frank TGS:


The schoolbell rang for the last time today and the hallway was flooded with rushing teenagers. I stood up, packed my bag and walked towards to my locker through the crowd. A cute guy was standing next to it.

''Hey, Gee!''

''Hey cuteness.''


I blushed and smiled at Gerard. He smiled back. I grabbed a key, opened my locker and picked some books and my jacket out of it.


''How was your day Frank?''

''Pretty boring, how about yours?''


Actually it wasn't boring at all. It was fun. It's always fun when you're with friends. I like my classroom and they like me so I don't mind being at school. It's better than at home anyways. But I know Gerard hates school and I don't want him to feel bad about so I won't make a big thing of it.


''Oh, same but we can still make it a good day.''


I closed my locker, putted on my jacket and turned to Gerard. He had a big smile on his face. I love to see him smile.

We both walked towards the main door while Gerard did his arm around my shoulders.


''You're coming home with me right?''

''Yes. I only need to drop my bag at home and tell my parents.''


Parents... I wish I could stay at Gerard and Mikeys.

After a few minutes walking we came near my house and stood in front of the frontdoor. I putted my keys in the lock and turned them.


''Please wait in the corridor okay?''



I already heard noises of a tv as we came inside. My dad's probably watching basketball or football games, I hope he won't notice Gerard. He will kill me if he does.


''Gee, stay here till I'm back okay?''


I closed the door quickly when I came in the living room. My dad sat on the couch and had a beer in his hand, as usual. I hoped he didn't notice me but he aleady did.


''What's up kid?''

''I'm going to a friends house, is that okay?''

''What'cha gonna do there?''

''I don't know yet...''


I dropped my bag on the kitchen table and picked up a few empty beer bottles which I putted on the counter. My dad stoop up and walked towards me. A shiver down my spine didn't make me feel better.


''Is it one of your boyfriends?''

''Not really...''

''Are you gonna do gay shit?''

''I don't know dad...''

''Stupid.., just fucking tell me.''


My dad makes me feel uncomfortable in my own house. It's always such a relief when he's out and I'm home alone with mum.


''It's Mikeys brother.., and I don't know what we're up to...''

''I'm sick of your pansy shit. Fuck, why Frank? You fucking stupid fag.''


I closed my eyes and tried to protect myself but I already knew what was gonna happen. I felt a fist hitting my head and I fell on the ground. My dad looked down on me, threw his half empty bottle of beer on me and kicked me in my stomach. The only thing I can do is lie down and wait till he goes away, no matter how much he hurt me.


''What a waste of beer. Now get out of my house now or I'll fuck up your face.''


I opened my eyes and saw my dad grabbing a new beer of the counter and he walked to the couch again.

I stood up uneasily whilst I felt my head and stomach aching.



Gerard TGS:


I heard a lot of noises from the room where Frank went. I couldn't make up what the noisess exactly were cause the television was a bit too loud.

The door opened and Frank quickly closed it when he came in the hallway. He hobbled to the stairs and sat down on it.


''Are you okay? What happened?''

''Yes, I'm okay, my stomach just hurts.''

''Frank what happened? You're not okay!''

''Help me up to my room okay? I'll explain there. My dad may not see you.''


I lifted him up the stairs and he leaded me to his room. We sat down on a low, squeecky bed.


''What's going on Frank? Are you hurt?''

''My dad... A little...''

''Tell me?''


Frank leaned with his elbows on his knees and covered his eyes with his hands, I heard him softly crying. I pulled him against my chest and I wrapped my arms around him. I hate to see him like this again.


''Don't cry... Let's go to my house. I'll take care of your bruises and we can talk about it if you want to...''

''I'm sorry.., yes please. I don't wanna live here anymore...''

''Don't be, it's okay. You can pack a bag with clean clothes and stuff so you can sleep at mines if you want.''

''Thanks, I really want.''


Frank gave me a hug and carefully smiled at me with his red, running eyes. I kissed his cheek and stroked his hair.


''Everything's gonna be alright. I'm always here if you need someone.''

''Thank you. I love you.''

''I love you too Frank. I really do.''


Frank putted some clothes and other stuff in a big, red bag. We walked soundless downstairs and went to my house.

I pushed on the doorbell but nobody came to open the door. I did it again but there was still nobody. Frank stood still behind me and started at his feet.

I looked through the window and saw Rays jacket and shoes lying on te stairs. Mikey is home but why don't he just open the god damn door? I knocked on the window but it didn't make any sense.


''Don't you have a key, Gee?''

''Yes I do but Mikey and Ray are home...''




Frank giggled and scratched his head. It made me smile. I grabbed my key and opened the door.


''Mikes I''m home!''


It was silent downstairs and I didn't hear any sounds from upstairs. I closed the door after Frank walked in and he looked at me grinning. I helped Frank upstairs again and lay him down on my bed. After that I walked to Mikeys door and knocked on it.


''Mikey! I'm home!''


It took a few seconds but his door opened.


''Oh, uhm, hey Gee! How was school?''

''It was okay. How are you?''

''Great. I see you in a minute downstairs okay?''


Mikey closed the door.

Why so rushing and curtly? Weird.

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