dette er så mit digt til "digte" konkurrencen. håber i kan lide det:D


1. 1

take a knife and cut me up

if you hate me you woun't stop

make me feel the pain whitin

as you're sitting through my skin

makes me weaker as i bleed

for you mercy make me plead

hear me screaming in the dark

as you leave your painful mark

blood is running Down my face

as my beauty you erase

trying to cut through every vien

on your shirt you're leaving stains

i wish you knew i didn't care

i you hurt me everywhere

you can slit my skin apart

as im screaming out your name

blood is running Down your face from my Heart you tore apart

my bloody wrist are is killing me as you Watch me start to plead

my body is limp i can't feal.......could this pain be truly real?.......

as you pick me up you throw me inside the truck

you think you can get away whit this. as my body is slowly fading away

the pain whit end is slowly going away, as we get to the lake, you know you made one big mistake

to pull me out and drag med to the lake, Watch my beauty fade away

as my demon come alive, you slowly start to hide, in the dark i'll give you a painful mark

now your died, i done what had to be done, your gone....... you turned yourself into satan, to kill others is all you do. till the day i find you, you can't run, you have no where to hide, now it's my time to take over, i'll take a knife and cut you up, now that i got you i won't stop, as i make you feel the pain whithin

as my knife slitting throug your bloody skin

are you weaker when you bleed?

for you mercy i make you plead, sjut our mouth Little witch you'll wake our parents, they hear you screaming i the dark

as i leave you deadly mark

blood is running Down my face

as your wirst i slit up

trying to cut up every vien

on my shirt i am leaving blood stains

i wish you knew i loved you...... and i still do, as mu demon starts to die my angle inside just came alive.

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