living the dream

ello! im Bethany I live in London England. when I was younger I lived in the u.s but I moved here because my abusive step mum. and I was getting bullied a lot. before I moved here I only had one friend, Garriyn. I am no longer in touch with them because my moving was spur of the moment, I didn't even get to say goodbye! well I better get on with the story. enjoy loves.


1. the boys.

The day started as any other day in the woods house, mum and dad were watching the telly, I was in the kitchen making breakfast listening to one direction on my phone. When we heard a knock at the door. "Bethany would you stop standing there and get the door." mum yelled from the couch. "but mum im making breakfast!!" She turned around and gave me the death glare as I walked toward the door. when I opend the door I just about screamed and almost fainted. I couldn't believe who was standing at my door. I looked at them as I tried to say the words that were on my tounge. But I couldn't, the only thing that I could say was DIRECTION!!!!!!! omg!!!! "ello!!" they all say in unison. "hello our bus broke down and we really really need to use your phone to call the arena and tell them we will be late, do you mind?"  Liam asks with his sweet voice. They shuffled through the door trying to find a place to sit, harry sat on my couch, Louis went to the floor along with Zayn and Niall. Liam grabs the phone And dials the stadium manager...."hello yes this Liam it seems our bus is having problems and we might or we might not be late!......" there was a long pause. "yes...mhhmm...yes..yes sir...thank you very much.....alright they said its alright we just need to hurry and call a mechanic" the boys look at each other grateful. "alright alright get them OUT of MY house!!!" my dad yells! "but we just got here!" harry says jokingly smiling at me and the other boys. "yes sir." I say trying not to be disappointed. As we were walking out my parents were headed upstairs. I walk outside with them and shut the door behind me. "sorry about that they just...." right then I was cut off by my mum she opens the door along with my dad and packed bags and others. "we are leaving...we are moving back to the u.s., especially since these dimwits are don't need to be around them..." my mum insist. "but mum......" I was cut off by my dad..he had struck me once again, I couldn't help but shed a tear. "that really hurt" I mumbled. "what was that? what did I tell you about mumbling???" he hit me again. "have your bags packed and ready to go by next week, we are leaving it up you to find out how to get home!' mum yells and walks out to the car starting it and leaving. once they are gone I look up at the boys crying. "have they always done that?" niall says his voice shaking. "ye...yes.." I can barely say because of my crying. "whats your name?" zayn asks. "Bethany......" I asked confused. "Bethany come with us leave everything...just come with us..." Louis demands. "yes please you cant be put through this..." liams voice was still shakey from what he just saw. "but I...what if...." I question them. "just come with us!" harry says pulling at my arm. "ok....I"ll go!"


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