Youtube Fan Fiction: Yogscast Tekkit Revenge

Yogtowers receive an email asking them to play a new game that has been made for them. When things start to go wrong on a supernatural scale, will they find out that an old friend has come to visit.* anything written in script is either livestreams or videos*


2. The next day

Lewis P.O.V

Everyone was talking about it. Everybody had seen it.

"Did you see it."

"Course I did."

I peered through the door to see Mark and Sam. They were both sitting in the lounge obviously just as puzzled as everyone else over what has happened to Rythian.

"Then what do you think happened to him?" Said Mark

"Whaddya mean?" Sam asked back

"I mean do you think he trolling us"

"Do you think he would really do that? I mean he has been telling everyone to watch this livestream for ages."

"Exactly, everyone watches and BANG!!!!! He more popular than he ever was before while everyone tries to work out 'What happened to Rythian?'."

"So what you're saying is......"

"Rythian, the professional troll."

"But he's sick and at home and your accusing him of trolling."

"Has anyone actually been to see him since yesterday?"

"I don't think so."

"Then how do we know he is actually sick."

Fair Point, I thought to myself.

"Well if this is a troll, Sjin is gonna be so mad"

"Sjin is gonna be mad whatever." He pauses " Hey Lewis, you eavesdropper"

"Oh hey Mark, hi Sam."I say, the colour rising in my cheeks.

"You know you can just call us Turps." Says Mark

"And Strippin." Says Sam

"Ok, I'm just gonna go now." I leave and as I walk down the corridor I hear hysterical laughing coming from the room I had just left.

God, what was wrong with me. Had what was going on with Rythian making me nervous. Though what Turps had said was true. Nobody had went to see Rythian since yesterday. Who knows if he is ill or if he was faking. I had to stop thinking about it. But I just couldn't escape it. Every corner you turned somebody was talking about it. I needed some space. I walked into my office.

"Hi Lewis."

"Hey Simon."

"Israphel returns."

"Oh,not you too."

Simon gives me a puzzling look.

"What's wrong with you?"

"I don't know. I guess I just don't understand why everyone's talking about it."

"It was very weird."

"I know that."

"Are you scared?"


Simon looked down and dived into his bag. Pulling out something and hiding it behind his back.


"Yeah Simon."

"You want a jaffa cake?" He says holding out his hand.

I couldn't help but laugh."Not right now."

"Umm guys."

We both turned to see Sips. His face red.

"Are you sweating?" Simon asks Sips.

"A little. Sjin is making me nervous. You have to come see him. He is in full on ragemode after what happened last night."

The next thing I know, me and Simon are being rushed down a corridor and into Sjin's office.

"That Mothertrucker." Sjin says.

I move towards the computer "10,000 new emails!!!!" I shout and suddenly I begin to understand why he is so angry.

"This was in the last hour." Says Sjin, "And the thing is, after the tekkit series, all emails from Rythian's subscribers go into my spam."

"Then who the heck are these from then!!??" I say curiously.

"I don't know."Sjin voice is breaking now.

"Well, they could be from anyone." Says Sips, "You know after the video went viral."

"IT WENT VIRAL!!!!!!!!!!" I turn to Simon, "When were you going to tell me???"

"Look calm down. I was going get you coffee, sit you down comfortably and then tell you. Though Sips interupted the proccess."

"Hey don't look at me if you hadn't come, Sjin would have killed someone by now." He snapped defensively.

"Look this isn't worth arguing about." I say, "We need to find out what happened, we need someone that Rythian trust with all his heart, but who????"

"Hey guys, I just came to see if Sjin is alright, after what happened with Rythian and all." She says.

We all look at eachother and shout in unison. "ZOEY!!!"











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