Youtube Fan Fiction: Yogscast Tekkit Revenge

Yogtowers receive an email asking them to play a new game that has been made for them. When things start to go wrong on a supernatural scale, will they find out that an old friend has come to visit.* anything written in script is either livestreams or videos*


4. The New Herobrine.

Simon P.O.V

"Are you sure you want to do this"

I turn around and look at Duncan who is leaning on the wall in the corner. He gives me a worried look. Just telling Lewis it had gone viral made him panic, just wait until he hears the sees the reaction.

Lewis gives us a small nod before asking"What shall I type up?"

And Duncan says from the corner of the room"The New Herobrine."

We both hear tapping on the keyboard yet as Lewis goes to click search he stops for a moment. He know just aswell as I do that sometimes it is good that the truth stays unknown.

But if you blinked you would have missed this because before you know it he is staring at the search results and we see him click on a link. And then he push the table out the way, kicks the chair and walks out.

"Well"I say"he took they better than I thought he would."

We laugh and Duncan walks over to the computer to see what upset Lewis so much and his smile droops"Oh." He says and drops into the chair that it is still upright.

"What?"I say.

He doesn't say anything, he simply turns the screen towards me.

It's an article on a gaming website, It says:

If you are a fan of the yogscast, you will probably have seen the last livestream they did. It was obviously a prank. These media whores don't deserve what they get as they have enough attention already and deserve to give some other youtubers a chance. If do not agree with me, stay in the dark, if you do I'll make this easy for you.

I scroll down the page and there is an unsubscribe button. Underneath it says: I have managed to link all the yogscast accounts to one button. If you press it you will be unsubscribed from all their accounts, all at once.

For a second I don't know what to do, I can't move. Considering how many views the article has gotten at least a couple of hundred would have pressed this button. Yet I know Lewis will be taking this worst than me and before I know what I'm doing, I find myself running down the halls to find Lewis.

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