Youtube Fan Fiction: Yogscast Tekkit Revenge

Yogtowers receive an email asking them to play a new game that has been made for them. When things start to go wrong on a supernatural scale, will they find out that an old friend has come to visit.* anything written in script is either livestreams or videos*


3. Rythian's house

Zoey's P.O.V


No reply.


Still no reply.


Everything had happened so fast. Lewis had told me to go visit Rythian after handing me a can of soup. He said that somebody had to go see him and it should be me to go because I'm me and he is him so .............yeah.


"Zoey, you have a key, just come in."

I look up to see him looking out of the window. His face is pale and he is drenched I sweat. I run up stairs as quickly as I can. I just stare at him for a moment until the silence is unbearable. And all I can say is"I brought soup."

And he says "Zoey." But it is all crackly and raspy and it is not Rythian talking to me, it is a piece of him. All that is left.

And "Zoey"

"Yeah, Rythian."

"I can work out what is going on at Yogtowers, Sjin is mad, Lewis will be panicking and Turps is probably accusing me of trying to get a free day off so can you tell Sjin I'm sorry and Lewis not to panic and Turps to tell me that he has never faked an illness yet I am telling the truth, what I saw was real."

"I believe you Rythian, I don't trust anyone more."

"I can't even describe to you what happened. It happened so quickly. The computer physically shocked me."

And for some reason I don't know how to respond to that. So I get him the soup and I sort out the tv and a game for him to play (not minecraft) and I get my stuff so I can leave.

"Bye Rythian."

"Bye Zoey uuuuhhhhhh." And he lets out a huge grunt and rolls onto the floor taking his duvet with him.

"Are you ok Rythian"


"What you just say Rythian?" Pretty sure I must have misheard him.

"My name is Israphel."

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