Albus Potter and the Ghost's Secret

"There may no be Lord Voldemort... But there are still secrets Hogwarts have..."


2. The Tear of Lestrange

"Wicked!" another boy blurted out.

"A Lestrange!" a girl exclaimed.

The window surface became cold, like how dementors pass happiness. Only this wasn't caused by dementors; it was caused by ghosts. Knightly-day spirits came floating down, whooshing and speeding across the windows as if it was looking for someone. A plump ghost; with a satchel and ragged clothes narrowed his eyes at Albus.

"Found it!" it called.

"Where? Potter! I'm going to kill you!" exclaimed a ghost.

"Potter! Leave him to me!" another one shouted.

"No! I must have the Potter!" a ghost scowled.

"Leave him alone! It's Bellatrix's Potter!" a yowl arose.

The ghost muttered their disappointments, as they floated away. A woman, with sleek black hair and black lipstick with the gown of bloodthirsty black approached Albus.

"Potter!" she scowled.

"Bellatrix Lestrange," Albus countered fiercely.

"Is there a Weasely there? Ah! A Weasely!" Bellatrix scoffed, as she narrowed her eyes at Hannah, Albus' cousin.

"Leave her alone!" Albus shielded her bravely.

"And what like a first year like you can do to me?"

"I'll... do the same as Grandma Molly!" Albus unsheathed his wand, a phoenixfeather with circular bulges like the Elder Wand, only just a tad bit weaker.

"Hah! Do you think that'll work on me?"

Suddenly, a bright flash, brighter than the ghosts, swarmed and pushed along the cluster of spirits. It bounced with the speed of light, heading right for Bellatrix like a bull and a red target. Albus knew what the bright flash was. It was an Auror! It swiveled into a human, a familiar man. "Uncle George!" Albus cheered. George smiled at him, but then flashed a threatening glare at Bellatrix.

"You shouldn't be here," George scowled.

"And what? With all the Lestranges?" Bellatrix hissed, and let out a menacing, mental laugh as she faced the swirling hurricane of moaning spirits.

"I'm an Auror, Bellatrix. I can arrest your family."

"Oh? Like I did with your brother? Only that I did more than arrest him... I killed him!" Bellatrix let out another, hardy laugh.

George's face prowled with anger. "Shut up!" He forced his wand at Bellatrix. "Finite Incantatum!"

Suddenly, Bellatrix froze in her spot, like a stone statue. She held her mouth open, but she was still able to speak. George had to put a silencing spell on her, when he led him to the Auror's office. Albus sensed something different in these ghosts, other than the castle ghosts. They were moaning for something; and it wasn't just the Lestranges. There were different families swarming with the dark witch's kin. The ghosts feared something. Something terrible.

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