Albus Potter and the Ghost's Secret

"There may no be Lord Voldemort... But there are still secrets Hogwarts have..."


1. Prologue

     Albus Potter waved a nervous goodbye to his dad, Harry Potter. A girl with a pang of ginger hair sat in front of him, the leather couches comfy and small. Albus smiled uneasily, as the girl's gaze met his, their glances entwined. Albus tried to speak, but his tongue stiffened at the moment. The girl spoke first, as she saw the uneasiness in his eyes.

"Hello," the girl said, "my name is Tammy Groughorn."

"A-A-Albus Potter," Albus stammered.

"Potter?" Tammy exclaimed. "Potter!"

"Yes, Potter." Albus stifled, through a tinge of embarrassment.

"Your dad is the head of Aurors, and defeated Voldemort!"

"Yes, I'd like to be him one day!"

     A train skidded to a stop as rusty rails squealed beneath them. A faint figure was floating among the grassy fields in the outside of their window. The hills were stocked before them, the lush green spreading while the flowers roamed with tulips and violets. The figure, which looked like a ghost, plucked a tulip from the barrage of flowers. Then, suddenly, Albus spotted something familiar. The ghost had a wrinkled tuxedo, his gown robes transparent amongst the sky. He had wrinkled and twirled hair, and eyes that were crying. "That's the Tear of Lestrange!" A boy called out. It was just a cinch when Albus knew that Lestrange meant Bellatrix. The one who served the Dark Lord.

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