Albus Potter and the Ghost's Secret

"There may no be Lord Voldemort... But there are still secrets Hogwarts have..."


5. History of Magic

Albus Potter scurried off to their classrooms, they were taking the most boring subject, History of Magic. Albus looked at his watch. They were late. The three noticed a blonde haired boy with a robe and a green tie. He must be a Slytherin. When they arrived, Professor Slashbott was looking at the Slytherin and them with glaring, fiery eyes.

"May I ask why you four are late?" Professor Slashbott asked, shining his glasses.

"Sorry, sir! I got caught up by a prefect for running in the halls." Albus apologized.

Professor Slashbott gave the Slytherin an expectant glance. He stuck out his chin, as Slashbott turned around and sorted through the thick books, the bookshelves stained in cobwebs. The Slytherin gave Slashbott a silent raspberry when he turned, and muttered something to another Slytherin that was next to him.

"Filthy mudblood," the Slytherin murmured.

Hannah stood up, arms folded. "Excuse me, but I'm a halfblood."

"Well, at least I'm pure. A pure Malfoy." the Slytherin boy spat.

"Malfoy. That brings disgrace to the Weasely's."

"So does your name, mudblood."

"My name is Hannah, if you're too dumb to say it."

"Well, Hannah, the name's Jack. Jack Malfoy."

Jack threw Hannah a loud, disgusting raspberry, as Slashbott turned. Hannah was already seated, while Jack was standing firmly in the air. Slashbott threw Jack a furious gaze.

"Blowing raspberries at me, Malfoy?" Slashbott asked.

"N-No, sir." Malfoy stammered.

"I hope. Detention for you, then."


"Silence. You will have extra homework if you continue to protest."

Hannah giggled triumphantly, as Malfoy forced a shameful look. Albus raised his hand curiously, remembering what Nicholas murmured to the Baron about.

"Yes, Mr. Potter?"

"I-I was wondering if you could tell us about the Jailed Ghosts the Ministry has."

"Oh, well, we were going to review on Godric, but I can answer. The Jailed Ghosts the Ministry has, are just like dementors, filled with dismay and demise. Their aura affects happiness, which makes it frost until it is dust. They are very dangerous ghosts, if the spirit decides it is not ready to fully die yet, it turns into a living ghost. But if it was the spirit of a dark wizard, it is jailed in the Ministry."

Albus shuddered, as a cold crippled down his spine. Albus shook his head, reassuring himself. He wondered if the rumors Nicholas spread were true. Albus already witnessed an act within the Hogwarts Express. The silence broke as glass was shattered, and it was clattering restlessly. Floating figures zoomed out of the window sill. "Ghosts!" a student exclaimed, "Ghosts! Jailed ghosts! Everywhere!"

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