Albus Potter and the Ghost's Secret

"There may no be Lord Voldemort... But there are still secrets Hogwarts have..."


4. Grasping Hands of Ghosts



It had been two twilights after Albus was chosen to be in Gryffindor, the house of courage and strength. The mossy, stone walls were exhaling in the cold air as Albus lunged in the common room, with Tammy and Hannah tagging behind. Albus sighed tiredly, as he plopped down on a couch and threw out his books.

"How much homework do we have?" Albus complained.

"Only Defense Against the Dark Arts, Potions, and Charms." Tammy answered.

"That's not a lot," Hannah added.


"You wouldn't want to make Professor Quinkins mad,"

"He's going to turn you into a toilet."

Their conversation died down when they heard whispering of ghosts. The three crept down the common room, and spotted Sir Nicholas and the Bloody Baron murmuring to each other.

"Why is the Bloody Baron in our common room?" Albus asked.

"I don't know, but let's find out." Hannah replied.

Albus looked around the boy's dorm, scavenging for his father's invisibility cloak, that he had snuck in without mother knowing. He glanced at a grey-sparkled blanket, transparent through the knitted, tiny holes. Albus threw it around the three and they were buried in the cloak. They stalked down the stairs, creeping on the two, gossiping ghosts.

"Have you heard? The Ministry lost control of the jailed ghosts!" Sir Nicholas murmured.

"Ones I can't control?" The Bloody Baron asked, mystified.

"Not even you, Baron."

"I must protect Rowena."

"No, they can't harm us castle ghosts. They harm living creatures."

"Such as, people?"


"Why haven't you told this to McGonagall?"

"I'm just spreading the news first, so the ghosts can be alerted right away."

"How did this happen?"

"Well... it seems that one of Voldemort's followers works as a spy in the Ministry."

"A Spy? For who?"

"Shh!" Nicholas whispered. "There's someone watching us."

The three gasped, and Sir Nicholas flung to their direction. He grasped the cloak out of their reach, and hung it on top of the fireplace. Sir Nicholas' eyes widened, as he began murmuring to himself worriedly. He began biting his thumb's nail, and looked at the three straight into his serious eyes. "Children," he began, "You must not meddle of what I just said. Do you understand?" The three nodded with certainty, although Albus wasn't sure he shouldn't.

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