Albus Potter and the Ghost's Secret

"There may no be Lord Voldemort... But there are still secrets Hogwarts have..."


3. An Unusual Feast

Albus was both excited and nervous when the cluster of first years swirled into the Grand Hall. The candles; bright as the sun, shone in the students' eyes. He was being led by a Head Boy, who looked ambitious and cunning. He must've been in Slytherin. 'Slytherin,' Albus thought, 'What if I get put in Slytherin?' The thought kept echoing until they halted to a stop. An old woman; with a velvet witch hat and delicate robes stood up where the golden owl was, and it flapped it's wings vigorously, signaling for silence. "Students of Hogwarts," the old woman announced, "We have new first years, and yet another year. As you all know, well most of you, I am Professor McGonagall, or Headmistress." A few students clapped at her name, as Professor McGonagall nodded in thanks and silence. "Before we sort these students into houses, I must tell you unusual reports within the Hogwarts Express. We ask you no other reason than to just ignore it; as it is unusual, yes, but nothing." McGonagall's tone was halfheartedly, without a cinch of certainty. Albus knew the ghosts were up to something. A few murmurs rippled across the crowd, and they came to a stop as a professor picked up the Sorting Hat.

"Tammy Groughorn," the professor shouted.

"A Groughorn... your parents were great at school here; yes... you might as well be in their house, too... heh. I pick... Slytherin!" the Sorting Hat decided through muffled comments.

"Hannah Weasely,"

"How many Weasley's are there? Let's see... not a cinch of change at all, the Weasely's... Gryffindor!"

"Albus Potter,"

"Potter! A Potter! It's been a long time since a new one, hmmm. Your father did great things; of course, everyone knew that. How could I be so fussy over such an obvious choice? This had better be..." 

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