Reaching Out

Young Lyla knows she will die soon. Her illness is becoming much worst as days go by. When she meets one direction she finally has a chance to fit in. Love, tragedy, hope and a last breath. What will happen to the band and to lyla as they set out to find a cure, but what's more.. Them selves.


1. The day my life changed

I felt absolutely fine all day. Then it hit me. I had just got home from school when I suddenly felt slightly dizzy. Everything went I woke up to the sound of a constant beeping. I opened my eyes and looked around the room I was in. The walls were plain and the room was empty except for me. It only took a moment for me to realize I was in the hospital. I started coughing suddenly. Someone must have heard me for I heard some voices behind the door before it swung open. A young woman, the doctor I assumed, came rushing in as if I might die then and there. "Am I sick?" The doctor looked at me sadly. "Yes my dear" she gave me some medicine in a cup. "Drink this." I did as I was told. "What is wrong with me?" "Would you like us to tell your mom now or after?" "Just tell me already!" I was getting very upset. "You have Leukemia." I couldn't believe my ears. I wouldn't. How could I have leukemia? "Don't people die from that?" "Unfortunately yes, it is treatable but not in your price range darling." "No! I don't have leukemia! I don't! You took the tests wrong!" That night I fell asleep cying. The next morning I still thought I was dreaming when I awoke. Then I realized that is was all really. The water works started up again. The doctor came in got me up and sent me home, but before I left told me one last thing. "It was estimated you have a year." No one could pick me up so I was forced to walk. I wasn't ready to go home. Home was somewhere were I couldn't be alone and think. So instead I went to the park down the road from my house. It was a small park, nothing fancy, but it was my favorite place on earth. I climbed up the playground and sat down, head in my hands. How was it possible that yesterday I could live forever and now I had only a year? I was thinking so hard I didn't hear the boy come up beside me. "Are you okay?" I looked up to fine myself face to face with Niall Horan.
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