William Cosby worked in an advertising firm. There was nothing special or of great importance about him; he was just an ageing, racist man. So when he is thrust unexpectedly into the past and finds himself living through the experiences of those whom he hates, he must learn some empathy...or die.

[Warning: contains some racism: the comments within do not represent the author's own views]


5. The Train.

“Oh, shit!” Bill whined softly to himself. “This can’t be happening!”

   He was in front of a large building, with large columns supporting an overhang. The building was adorned with swastikas.

   “Fuck!” he cried, drawing the attention of a German who stood on guard outside the building. This guard now ran over and grabbed Bill, who was too exhausted to fight or flee.

   “Komm jetzt. Holen Sie sich auf dem Zug,” said the man, slapping a Star of David onto Bill‘s chest, over his heart.

   He was dragged over to a wagon-train and forced inside. The door slammed shut and Bill was trapped.

   In the train, also, were several others, all with Stars of David on the breasts. Bill looked at them hopelessly and they returned his desperate stare.

   He turned to the train wall, formed with planks of wood that provided a small view of the outside.

   Through it he no longer saw the cobblestone street and Nazi swastikas.

   He saw the diner...


Richard and Kyle were just leaving now, and they were walking towards the small car park. Here, they saw Bill’s car, still parked in its spot and empty. They stopped and exchanged a glance, looking confused.

   One spoke to the other and, though Bill could not hear their words, he guessed they were discussing him.

   They train started rolling now and someone behind Bill started to cry softly. Bill cried out to Richard and Kyle but they seemed completely oblivious to his cries. With one last worried look at the car, they walked away down the street.

   William Cosby watched them go, a scream on his lips.


The End.


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