Mindless Dreaming [On Hold]

[This story is on hold]
Jordan has to work with the ‘biggest boy band in the planet’. What will happen when her dreams start to show her some of her story, published right in front of her eyes while she sleeps- but she never even notices. What will happen when she realises that these boys aren't all they've turned out to be... What will happen to the end of her story, will she get her happily ever after she's been wanting or will she be faced with ‘Mindless’ consequences…? ~~All image credits go to their rightful owners~~


11. The Bachelor Pad


I screamed out to someone; anyone, but my screams muffled into silent sobs. The man holding a hand to my mouth, his breath reeked of alcohol and some sort of drugs. I screamed as he whispered in my ear; his other hand stroking my now tangled hair, the full moon hanging high in the sky, the alley now lit dimly by cars driving past every now and then.

“shhh, it’s okay. No-one can hurt you now Maria. I love you, you love me- we will be able to be together soon… up there.” He tilts his head towards the sky, the tears poured down my face- he thought I was someone else; he was going to kill me. Why did I have to run away, why did I have to leave the place I felt the most safe, the place I loved to be, the place I wished I had never discovered- In his arms. I closed my eyes, why can’t time go back, why me? I hear the sound of sirens off in the distance; they’re too late- he’s going to kill me.

He carefully takes a silver pocket knife out of his pocket; still holding a hand to my mouth. Now my screams are louder and stronger than before, but nothing comes out. My throat straining for a break- but I can’t stop now. He gently slides the knife against the now red skin on my neck, as he kisses the side of my head, the pain slashing through me. I can feel the warm liquid skidding down my neck- dripping onto my now tye-dyed shirt.


I wake up to someone shaking me constantly; A pair of piercing green eyes before me- Harry.

“Jordan… It’s okay. It was just a nightmare. You’re okay. I’m right here…” He says pausing in between each sentence; he holds a worried expression on his face as he pulls me in for a small hug.

I look down to my hands resting on the black bed sheets below me; they shake every few seconds as my chin shakes slightly and my stomach is doing backflips. I could easily pass off as someone with Tourette’s even without trying.

“W-what, where a-are we?” I ask looking around the unfamiliar room. I instantly look down, my clothes still intact- okay… that’s a good sign… I guess?

“My room, you fell asleep while we were up on the Ferris wheel, so I brought you back to mine…” He gets out of the bed beside me, yawning. His back staring back at me, it covered by a white tight- fitting shirt, his sweats hanging firmly on his waist…

“Oh- o-okay, thanks… I guess?” I get up out of the king-sized bed looking myself in the mirror...Oh My…


I walk down the steps looking for Harry; after he told me to go get ready he disappeared down these exact steps and… well I can’t see him. I walk around, taking everything in- the house was huge, it had; a small bar, a main lounge, a lounge- full of gaming equipment, a huge kitchen, a dining room, a pool out back and yet more just waiting to be discovered.

“Oh hello… How was the date last night?! Oh-Em-Gee, More importantly how was HE last night, is he big…?” Louis asks impersonating a girly voice, emphasising the word ‘he’ every time. I jump slightly startled by him, he was sitting at the table looking straight at me- now signalling me over to him with his hand.

“It was fun; we played games, went on rides- the normal… and to make things clear- I didn't sleep with him.” I say sitting down on a stool beside him, rolling my eyes.

“Oh sure… Why do you think the boys had sound-proof walls installed into every room before they moved in, Gosh. What a waste of time then…”

“All of you’s live here?” I ask changing the subject, I look at the bowl sitting in front of him; some sort of cereal sat in the bowl.

“Nah, just Harry, Niall and Liam. Zayn lives with Perrie and I live with Eleanor; It’s more of a bachelor pad, but sometimes we sleep here- it’s a pretty big place.”

“You can say that again…”

“It’s a pretty big place-“

“I didn’t mean literally-“ I reply shaking my head at his weirdness.

“Hey Lou, have you seen- oh there you are Jord, was just looking for you. Simon called- we’re continuing our tour soon, so you’ve gotta read and sign those papers he gave to you ASAP...” Jord? Already calling me nicknames- gosh this boy. As my thoughts take over my mind and I continue to stare at Harry, I realise Harry and Louis were still staring at me, waiting for me to answer…

“Oh, uh, yeah, sure. I’ll do that… later-”

“Okay, cool- I’m gonna go wake Niall up, We’re gonna go shopping. Do you wanna come with, Jord?” He asks with pleading eyes. I should get to know the other boys a little better- I don’t have to go everywhere he does.

“Uhh, nah- I think i’ll hang with the others for a bit, maybe get to know them a little more…” I reply simling back at him. More specifically Liam- Ever since the whole interview thing I haven’t really talked to him only the other boy’s in-fact.

“Oh okay, well Zayn was coming with us so you’ve got Lou and Liam…” With a slightly sad look on his face he climbed up the steps two at a time and out of view.

“What do you think of him, I can tell you’re trying to be distant… “ Louis asked not even looking away from his spoon that shovelled spoonful after spoonful’s of cereal into his mouth.

“Ummm… I guess he’s okay; more than a little vain, selfish at times, arrogant…” I say getting more silent within each word cautious of my actions.

“Oh, okay… He gets that a lot…but I guess it’s pretty true- According to every single girl…” He says emphasising the ‘every’. That must hurt… to have all those things said to you a lot, but then again he is exactly all of those things, not to mention a player.


We both sit there in silence; the only sound is Harry banging on Niall’s door shouting out to him, before the click of the door opening and him talking to Niall with a huge muffle of words.

“He really likes you, you know… But then again they both do… Do you like him or Liam more?” He says looking at me with his beautiful sea-green eyes.

“How-How do you know… they both like me…?” I ask shocked.

“I can tell; just by looking at the way they look at you, easily. They’re trying to win you over- if you’ve known them for how long I’ve know them, you’d be able to tell… trust me- it isn’t hard.”

“I-I don’t want to rush things… with either of them, but I honestly don’t know… I think I may need to get to know Liam a bit more… instead of going straight to Harry…” He just nods in an understanding way and he continues to eat his cereal. Just a few seconds after I speak Liam comes walking down the stairs in only in boxers, Golly-gosh.

“Oh… um hey Jordan, sorry, I didn’t know you were, Still, here… if I did I would’ve put more… uh-clothes… on…” He says scratching the back of his neck- a slight tingle of pink appearing on his cheeks.

“Oh, no, it’s okay- that’s fine.” I say trying not to stutter on my own words- his hair sitting messily on his head; his face scruffy and unshaven, his slightly built six-pack toned by the morning light, his body language sloppy and his voice sexy as ever- this was some cute ass morning Liam I could get used to.

“Is it okay if I hung out with you and Louis today while the others go shopping?” I ask sweetly, coming back to the sane side of me.

“Do you not have any other friends? Joking, yeah sure- we were probably just going to play video games anyway and call a few lads over…” He said a crooked yet cute smile appearing on his face.

“Fun-” I say as he takes a seat beside me.

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