Mindless Dreaming [On Hold]

[This story is on hold]
Jordan has to work with the ‘biggest boy band in the planet’. What will happen when her dreams start to show her some of her story, published right in front of her eyes while she sleeps- but she never even notices. What will happen when she realises that these boys aren't all they've turned out to be... What will happen to the end of her story, will she get her happily ever after she's been wanting or will she be faced with ‘Mindless’ consequences…? ~~All image credits go to their rightful owners~~


8. Just A Challenge

It was half-way through the interview and the boys just revealed it to the world… they revealed that I just work with them- they revealed that I was only someone they worked with. Part of me was relieved, while the other half was kind of sad they had admitted it- now knowing nothing couldn't happen between me or any of them… I guess I was happy to be somewhat safe from the hate, but at the same time something sobbed inside of me, something that felt broken.

I was backstage right now during a break; trying to find somewhere to think quietly to myself, somewhere to be away from the real world… I turned to my right to find a door to a room; I open the door with caution- the light lit dimly. There is a table to the right of the room, a closet to the left and a couch straight in front of me, a figure lying sloppily on the couch shirtless- an arm and leg dangling off the side of the couch...

“Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry Harry I-I didn’t know you were in here…” I stutter as I turn to leave him by himself.

“No, stay.” He stands up from the couch as he comes to my side, closing the door. His abs merely inches from me.

“I’m sorry about earlier, in the van you know… I was just feeling a bit down today- I guess…“

“It’s o-okay…” I reply, his body centimetres from mine. He was close- I could feel his warm breath floating in the space between us; close enough that if he wanted to, he could kiss me… My eyes skimmed down, eyeing his slightly build abs, his tattoos skimmed along his skin complimented his slightly tanned stomach but just barely- in this lighting he looked dark and mysterious, his features bold and shadowed by the light.

“Meet you approval?” He said a small smirk playing on his lips.

“Nah- I’m more into guys who are less… vain…“ I lied, some of his brown curls falling slightly in front of my newest favourite view, fuck.

“You’ve gotta be high to not think that you like what you see…” He said as he chuckled walking towards me; making me lean up against the wall, he was scaring me now that I started to tremble the slightest. In one swift movement his left hand was against the wall next to my head; he leaned down to my ear, his warm breath tingled the tip of my ear. He spoke with a soft but seductive tone.

“Why don’t you like me, be honest with me Jordan.” My heart beat faster than ever as he pulled his head away so he was now staring into my eyes once more, his arm still intact to the wall and his lips only a few centimetres from coming in contact with mine.

“a-ah, I-I don’t know…”

“C’mon, I know you know but you just don’t want to say…” I bit my lip as I tried to keep it in, but it was no use- the words just came splurging out in one fast ramble.

“You’re just so vain, arrogant, a womanizer… and-“ He stopped me as he spoke with soft but annoyed words.

“Okay, okay I get why you hate me- how bout I give you a challenge?” I raise my eyebrows and nod my head a little, urging him to continue as he does as I want.

“You have to buy- AND listen to every single one of our songs on repeat… and… You have to go out with me on Friday.” I give him a questioned look as he continues to smirk.

“Why do you want me to buy all your songs..? and more importantly why do you want me to go out with you… we don’t eve-”

“Oh… no reason. Just a challenge for you to like our band… and dinner is a chance for us to… get- along.“ Before I can oblige Harry’s muscular arm is no-longer against the wall and I'm left in the room by only the sound of the door shutting behind him. What the actual fuck just happened…

I sit down where Harry was once lying five minutes ago, my head resting upon my fists; I lie down closing my eyes and falling asleep to my own silent breathing.


The plane had just departed from the airport and we were now up in the clouds, Nick and I have talked about our interests and some little gaps of our lives along the way.

 “So why are yous’ flying to England?” He asks, his head tilted to the side.

“We’re going for a gap- but later on if we are stable enough we’re hoping to move permanently, you?” I reply as the seatbelt sign goes off saying that we can move around the plane.

“I live in London actually; I just came to Australia for a few months break from sixth form, or ‘university’ as you call it.”

“Oh, okay cool. That must’ve be fun…?”

“Yeah it was, what work field are you hoping to go for?”

“Ummm- I don’t know but I was hoping to get into the entertainment business; like a director or like someone that directs on Broadway- something along those lines.”

“Oh really? I know someone who’s in the entertainment business… and they’re looking for someone to hire- by what you’ve told me you sound good for the job, you should put an application in and see if you have a chance!” He says sending me a goofy smile, a few of his slightly crooked teeth showing- if someone else smiled like that it would be distressing but when he did it, he made it cute.

“What’s the position?” I ask leaning against the armrest.

“Well I can’t tell you that… but please? I mean if I don’t want the job I would like one of my friends to at least go for it...”

“Really? Are you joking, You just seem to be living the life- you could just ask them to give you a job later on when you finish your A levels. Lucky!” I reply as I laugh a little, pushing some hair out of my face.

“Yeah well, my grandmother would probably tell me to get lost if I asked her- but hey, just email me your application and I’ll forward it to her for you… she can never resist my charms-“


Authors Note:

I’m so sorry about the whole sixth form thing- we don't have that where I live. So if that's wrong I'm sorry… just putting that out there…

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