Mindless Dreaming [On Hold]

[This story is on hold]
Jordan has to work with the ‘biggest boy band in the planet’. What will happen when her dreams start to show her some of her story, published right in front of her eyes while she sleeps- but she never even notices. What will happen when she realises that these boys aren't all they've turned out to be... What will happen to the end of her story, will she get her happily ever after she's been wanting or will she be faced with ‘Mindless’ consequences…? ~~All image credits go to their rightful owners~~


14. I'm Honestly So Scared

I stand there; my blood pumping, a part of my bottom lip squished in-between my top and bottom teeth. The rows of small circular lights in the ceiling beginning to burn small holes in my vision and the air condition starts blowing out puffs of cold air down onto the both of us. Sarah stood before me; her hands on her hip, leaning on one of her legs, her long brown hair cascading down her back in beautiful golden brown curls.

“Why would you do that?! You know that I love him! Besides he would never be stupid enough to go running to you.” I say raising my voice, the high pitched tone taking over the silence in the room. Although my voice filled the silence, its presence was still felt lingering in unexplored areas of the bright room.

“You love him, but how do you know he even loves you back… Has he even said it yet, doubt it.“ She replies, the sass hanging from her laid-back tone. She stands there looking at me with annoyance, waiting for me to give up.

“…He does. We love each other and even if nobody else sees it, or he doesn't say it- we will still love each other, we both feel it when we’re with one another and it will stay that way for as long as we will be together.” I rub my arm as goose bumps grow up and down the bare skin. Pulling the sleeves of my black hoodie down to my wrists I cross my arms; the cold arm somehow making me shiver uncomfortably, the bright lights burning my eyes to the stage where they started to become teary and damp.

“You know he doesn't. You just don’t want to admit that I have a chance with him; YOU think that you’re the only girl he wants- you have no right to say that he only wants you. We all know how it works by now Jordan... Yours fall for me- and mine fall for you. It’s gonna be MY happy ending… not yours.“ She says, impressed with herself as she pushes past me, leaving me to sob in the suddenly comforting silence.


‘If this room was burnin’, I wouldn't even notice. ‘Cause you've been taking up my mind with your- little white lies, little white lies…’

A catchy beat rings through my ears; my alarm belting out the lyrics of ‘Little White Lies’, track number 13 on the upcoming Midnight Memories album, the advantages of being a part of the crew- you get to hear songs before they’re even released. Honestly, before Harry had told me to buy and listen to every one of their songs- I hadn't listened to music as much. But now; every day I listen to their songs non-stop, I wasn't really into Justin Bieber and all, but the boys’ songs were catchy and I liked them… a lot.

I sit up, hitting the top of my alarm; today was a rehearsal concert for when we get to Australia. They’re going to be practising what they say in between each song- since they hadn't performed in a few weeks; they were going to be practising some of the choreography and stuff- today I was going to be brainstorming ideas on lighting and general stage set-up.

I get out of my bed; changing from my loose grey sweater and black sleeping shorts into my beautiful white asymmetrical maxi dress and a pair of black gladiator sandals; leaving my hair to fall down my back.


Downstairs in the lounge, Erika’s lying on one of the couches- watching what seemed to be some morning news show.

“What are you watching…?” I say confused, walking into the kitchen and grabbing myself an apple before re-appearing in the lounge once more.

“Your life.” She says looking up at me with a small smirk, before gluing her eyes back to the screen.

“What are y-“ Suddenly two pictures appear on the screen; one of me and Liam and the other of me and Harry.

“Turn it up.” I demand, jumping onto the couch beside her as Erika obeys my orders, the reporter speaking with enthusiasm in every word.

“Three days ago One Direction member; Harry Styles was spotted at a carnival with believed girl, Jordan Cooper- Jordan was previously said to be rumoured dating fellow One Direction member Liam Payne… after the two were spotted getting coffee. So- two days after the sighting of Harry and Jordan together, she was then spotted together with Liam driving through town in his sports car… There has been much hatred and love from fans on social media sites directed towards both of the couples, tell us ‘what do you think about this three way love triangle?’ on our twitter and Facebook…” I run a hand through my hair in stress as I sigh, my head falling backwards.

“And that ladies and gentlemen, is the struggling life of Jordan Cooper…” Erika says looking at me with both of her eyebrows lifted, a smirk sitting on her face. I shake my head, why can’t life be easy.

“You do know they’re gonna stalk me, they’ll find out where I live. They’ll find out about you and Lucy- you’ll have no personal life, I literally won’t have one soon. I’m honestly so scared…”  I say standing up from the couch nervously. “Gotta go- rehearsals, sorry- Paul’s waiting out front.” I straighten out my dress as I begin to make my way to the front door.

“Just promise you’ll be careful, stay safe.” She says turning around in her seat, the smile from joyful to frightened within seconds; I send her a fake smile as I close the door behind me, the cold morning air hitting me in the face.


I get out of the van once again; now every day my morning starts off in that exact van with Paul, I’ve gotten pretty close to him- he’s like a second father to me. I make my way up the path, pushing the double doors open with force.

I look around the studio; It was practically exactly like a dance studio except… way bigger. I walk towards all the boys; they were talking to a middle aged woman, maybe around 27 years old.

“Hey!” Louis says coming in for a hug, pulling me away from the circle.

“So, how’s the dating life going?” He whispers turning me around; so we are both facing each other in the small corner of the room.

“Well… It’s okay, I guess. Harry’s so… controlling yet cute and Liam’s so sweet and caring. You put me in such a hard position, choosing from two different guys is so difficult you know...” I stated, but it probably sounded like I was asking him a question.


I sit on my chair as I watch the 5SOS boys practice their performance; their set all up and ready. The 1D boys sitting in a line to either side of me; some of them on their phones, the others trying to making Ashton, Calum Luke or Michael laugh and stuff up their lines.

"Brisbaneeee" Michael says extending the ‘e’ a few syllables more than needed, waving his arms above his head.          

"How's everybody doing tonight?" He points towards me, waiting for me to say something.

“It’s not night, fairy floss head.” I say laughing as Michael glares at me, the other 3 boys chuckling in the background.

"Hello my name is Michael."

"Hello, my name is Calum. Hi." Calum says waving into the imaginary crowd.

"What's up Brisbane, I'm ash." Ashton says from behind his drum kit.

"Hello everyone, my name is Luke. How are you doin'?" Luke says mimicking the others with a wave.

“Okay, and then this is where you quickly tell them to get out something that glows and then straight after you start singing beside you…” The woman says nodding her head to the boys.

They continue to practice their words in-between each song as I jot down ideas for lighting to each song introduction and the song itself; A mop of curls suddenly lying on my bare shoulder.

“Can I help you there Mr Styles?” I chuckle slightly, continuing to write.

“You, me, after rehearsals, meet me at my car out back.” He whispers into my ear- I open my mouth; about to respond as he sits up smirking, not even bothering to look towards my direction once more. I send him a glare as he just smirks- sitting back, arms crossed, pretending to pay close attention to the other boys speaking.

“Styles- you are so…”

“I’ll take that as a yes.” He mumbles, barely audible for only me to hear.


Authors Note:

The 5SOS boys actually said those words for the concert when they were in Brisbane on the 19th/ 20th of October... ;3

Just for you I’m trying to make this fanfic as close to real-life as possible, also my research may also be incorrect. So please bear with me? Tanks :)

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