Mindless Dreaming [On Hold]

[This story is on hold]
Jordan has to work with the ‘biggest boy band in the planet’. What will happen when her dreams start to show her some of her story, published right in front of her eyes while she sleeps- but she never even notices. What will happen when she realises that these boys aren't all they've turned out to be... What will happen to the end of her story, will she get her happily ever after she's been wanting or will she be faced with ‘Mindless’ consequences…? ~~All image credits go to their rightful owners~~


7. 'Harry Styles Hater'

I look out over the view- it’s beautiful. There are buildings lit up everywhere and the river flows right past the restaurant, the moon light gleaming against the silver water. Slightly in the distance I can see the London Eye; it sparkling in the cold night of England, the sky a dark shade of blue and black, the stars only just visible through the thick clouds that hung in the sky. I sat at the table; two plates sat on the table; joined with cutlery, two wine glasses and the red rose petals were spread out everywhere on the ground and a few lying on the tablecloth. The lighting in the room was light and there was nothing else in the small room, except the table I now sit at…


I wake up to a lovely Wednesday morning, yesterday Simon had given me a day off and well… today the boys had an interview and I was ‘required to come with’- walking downstairs in my pyjamas, I find Erika and Lucy in the lounge crowded around the TV.

“What’s so interesting?” I asked walking up behind them wiping my eyes, they both move to the side giving me a perfect view of the picture splurged out on the screen; it involved coffee, me and Liam…

“This morning, The pictures of One Direction’s Liam Payne and a mystery girl getting coffee has been spreading across the web. There have been many different responses to the image as the fans send hate, aswell as some ‘shipping’ the so called ‘couple’. The girl is believed to be named, Jordan Cooper. She reportedly met all of the One Direction boys on Monday and was also given a shout-out by fellow One Direction member Louis Tomlinson over Twitter. And that has been the latest  celebrity gossip-“ Took them a few 24 hours…

“….You got coffee with Liam Payne?” Lucy stared at me her smile wide and bright.

“Well… yeah, they were recording- and we were bored so we got coffee-” I sit down on the couch beside them stretching my arms out.

“You have got to introduce us! That would be so cool.” Erika laughed at Lucy’s sudden outburst.

“Errrm- sure… maybe never?!” Lucy started to fake cry and pout as I got off the couch going to my room and grabbing my phone; I turn it on to find my Twitter notifications fill my screen.

‘@JordCooper1 YOU SLUT WHORE BACK OFF @Real_Liam_Payne IS MINE’

‘@JordCooper1 Just realising that any of the boys would actually never want to date you- You're too ugly.’

‘Don’t listen to everyone, they’re just jealous. If Liam really does like you then I think that would be so cute @JordCooper1 @Real_Liam_Payne’

‘Stay strong beautiful @JordCooper don’t let them get to you’

‘@Real_Liam_Payne why would you wanna date her- I mean just look at her, U-G-L-Y @JordCooper1’

'Has anyone ever thought that @JordCooper1 could be going out with one of the other 1D boys, or is it just me? JUST STAY AWAY FROM MY NIALLER @NiallOfficial'


Now I understand why they needed me on the interview… they need to clear up all of the rumours going around about me and the boys and confirm that I’I'm just working with the boys, that I'm just another crew member- right? All of these tweets kinda made me sad; knowing that thousands of girls are now going to be stalking my every movement unless I like stop seeing the boys which would be unacceptable because it’s my job…

I tie my hair into a high pony-tail as I get changed into a pair of skinny jeans and a white sweater as I make my way downstairs. I hear the door-bell ring; I take my time to answer it but Lucy beats me to it.

“Hello, is Jordan here?” The voice ringed in my head- Harry.

“Oh my… You-you’re Harry… I am like your biggest fan! Trust me you’re even hotter in real life. I’m Lucy, it’s REALLY nice to meet-“

“Hey. Erm bye Erika, bye Lucy-“ I quickly say shutting the door on her face as two security guards stood behind Harry, just in case a fan suddenly jumped out of the bushes or something? Cause I couldn’t see anyone… anywhere.

“She seemed really… nice?”

“Just one of my best friends… I’m so sorry she’s a massive fan- what did she do to you, did she hurt you, did she rape you…” I say, startled by Harry actually talking to me for the first time.

“Nah, she didn’t touch me- even though I wouldn’t have minded…” He replied chuckling as he smirked.

I sigh as we hopped into the van; I went and sat in-between Niall and Louis whilst Harry sat across from us next to Zayn and Liam. Not long later the drive was completely silent except for the van that buzzed with life.

Most of the boys sat on their phones or looking out the heavily tinted windows while Zayn slept like a baby- leaned up against Liam. I kept myself pre-occupied by scrolling through Twitter looking at all my mentions about me and any one of the boys, when a notification popped up showing a direct message from Harry.

‘Sooooooo bored, you?’ I looked up from my phone to look at him as he continued to scroll through his phone without even noticing me.

‘Same.’ I reply trying my best to cut communication with him; don’t get me wrong, this morning when we talked I felt happy he even spoke to me. But I still some-what thought he was self-absorbed and stuck-up. By just looking at him or thinking about him being nice; made me go to the conclusion that he was still as ignorant as he ever will be. After a couple of seconds he replied back.

‘… Why don’t you like me like the others?’ Shit… How could he tell I didn't like him? It’s not like I had a sticky noted stuck to my forehead that said ‘Harry Styles Hater’… I touched my forehead to find nothing, nothing but air. I looked up at him; his green eyes were now glued to mine, they stared into mine searching for an answer before they tore away to look out the window.

‘What do you mean…?’ I typed; his phone vibrating a few seconds later and I pretended not to notice, but it was the only thing I could notice. He unlocked his phone and read the message as he began to type back.

‘Oh please don’t pretend like you don’t know, I know you don’t like me so stop trying to hide it and just fricken admit it’ He turned his phone off angrily tucking it into his pocket- What just happened… I stare at the message as I am completely speechless.



My plan wasn’t going to work I could tell, but it’s only because this Jordan girl was so arrogant; why can’t she just be brave and admit that she doesn’t like me- I mean, seriously. I hate it when people do that. She may be pretty and smart but she needs to go Fuck herself, I’m Harry Styles and who is she- she’s just a girl, she’s no-one without One Direction. I need to get her to trust me, to open up to me, I need her to love me…


Authors Note:

I’m really sorry this chapter was kinda dodgy… with the whole Harry's POV and stuff.

Please do all those thingy-ma-bob’s (aka like, comment, fan) <3

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