Mindless Dreaming [On Hold]

[This story is on hold]
Jordan has to work with the ‘biggest boy band in the planet’. What will happen when her dreams start to show her some of her story, published right in front of her eyes while she sleeps- but she never even notices. What will happen when she realises that these boys aren't all they've turned out to be... What will happen to the end of her story, will she get her happily ever after she's been wanting or will she be faced with ‘Mindless’ consequences…? ~~All image credits go to their rightful owners~~


6. First Day

I am out the front of the tall Syco building that loomed over me. Two security guards stand out the front; do they not have anything else to do, last time I was here- I swear they were standing in the exact same spots. I walk into the Syco building for the second time this month, as I see Megan, a small sigh coming out of my mouth. I walk towards her.

“Hello, you must be Ms Cooper- nice to see you again. Anyway, you are required to meet on Floor 5, in the recording room.” Her straight black hair swayed as she went to grab a few pieces of paper from off her desk.

“Here are some papers Simon directed to you; they’re the terms and conditions of your job.” The sight of her bright and cheerful blue eyes returning as she handed me the papers. “But anyway you can just sign in here” she tapped the clipboard with her finger as I wrote my name down, time entered and signed in the allocated boxes. She sat back down as I mumbled her a quick thank you.

I made my way to the elevator at the end of the foyer; pressing in floor 5, the doors closing. The door dinged open and the smell of fresh paint and recently vacuumed carpet filled my nose as I stepped out of the elevator. I looked down the corridor; there was two rooms, the one to the right had ‘closet’ written on it while the other had ‘Recording room’ written on the door. I walked over to the wooden door; I stood there, my palms sweating and my foot tapping nervously against the patterned dark blue carpet. Why had I even agreed to put my application in, if I hadn’t I would’ve got a job with five of the people on my ‘most-hated list’.

I knocked on the door two times; a bunch of muffled footsteps later the blonde guy with blue eyes opened the door- Niall was it?

“Ello- Uh Simon!” He shouted out to Simon, his Irish accent slightly coming through; as Simon was shortly at door.

“Ms Cooper, come in. The boys are just recording their next album- I’m truly sorry.”

“S’okay… I guess?” I looked around the big room; there was a studio, control room, a lounge suite, a HUGE mixing console and the boys, Simon and a few record producers.

“So, boys- say hello to your stage director; Jordan Cooper.” The five boys say bored “hello’s” and “hey’s” as some go on their phones and the others messed around.

“Would it be okay for today; if you just sat over there, you can do whatever as-long as you don’t interrupt the recordings. I just want you to get to know the boys today.” he fumbled with his fingers while looking at me with pleading eyes.

“Sure, that’s okay.” I took a seat on the black leather couch, papers in hand. I started to read the first page out of like 10 when I got interrupted by a hand tapping on my shoulder impatiently.

“Hey, I’m Louis!! I guess you already know who I am though…” He smiled as I sighed loudly; my whole plan of ‘avoiding’ them wasn’t gonna work- I could tell.

“I’m Jordan- it’s nice to meet you…?” I forced a smile back at him as his grin grew even wider than before.

“You’re Australian!?” I smiled laughing at his randomness, I nodded my head yes as he shouted out “SHE’S AUSTRALIAN.” to the other boys and he got in trouble by Simon for disrupting ‘important’ recording.

“Well whateverrr; but you are now my official new 'BFFFF', I’m even gonna post it to twitter to make it official. Can I have your twitter name?” I told him my twitter name as he began to type and soon enough my phone buzzed in my clutch. I grabbed it out reading what he had wrote.

‘Just met my new BFFFF, @JordCooper1. SHE’S AUSTRALIAN!’

I laughed as I shook my head- this Louis guy isn’t as bad as I thought; I thought he looked as if he would be way more self-centred and snobby, but hey he’s actually pretty cool. He got called into the booth as I listened to him sing some of his parts; to what I believe is called 'Just Can’t Let Her Go’

“She's so mean but I gotta love it,
And I just can't let her go
I'm so whipped on her tiny little
She's a tempting animal
Spends too much
And I never tell her no
Drives me nuts
And she got me by the throat
She's so mean but I gotta love it
And I just can't let her go-“


I have talked to every one of the boys; and I guess they’re all pretty cool- except for Harry that is. Harry hasn’t even talked to me once- since the short ‘hi’ earlier on; and all he has done is either sing, go on his phone, talk to the boys a little and that’s about all. I knew he would be self-obsessed and stuck-up but I never knew someone could be so attracted to themselves to take those millions of selfies he took and flip his hair every like five-seconds today.

By now the boys have recorded a whole lot of different chorus’ and lyrics to songs that I can’t remember the names to. I looked up at the silver clock hanging on the wall- it read 2:00pm and I’ve literally been here since 9:00am. So I’ve been here for like five hours, no wonder why I was feeling a bit bored and agitated.

“How do you do this for so long; I mean come on, five hours?!” I slide down the couch so my back was where my butt was a few seconds ago.

“That’s why we had a one hour break in between. But someone just decided to stay in the building on her butt for like 40 minutes; and don’t forget that we brought you Nando’s and you just sat there until it reached the coffee table that is like 20 centimetres away from you.” Liam said as he sat on the couch next to me; I sat up re-positioning myself, Harry in the booth and the other boys lounging around the room.

“Your problem, not mine.”

“Here come on, I’ll take you for a walk.” He asked for Simon’s permission before he put his hand out to pull me up. We walked down into the lobby as we walked straight past Megan and through the front doors of Syco. We walked down the street, the wind from the cold winter day slightly blowing my hair behind me as we walked.

“How bout we go get coffee, is Starbucks fine?” I nod as we walk into the warm air of Starbucks; We had walked around two blocks to get here and I was craving me some of that hot coffee goodness. We placed our orders as we waited; talking about my job and the other boys.

“Who’s your favourite so far?” He smiled as he received the order.

“Ummm- I don’t know you all that well, but you all seem okay I guess?” I shrugged as he nodded and we walked outside to find paps holding cameras literally to our faces. We walked a bit faster as the number of paparazzi started to increase from like three to now more than 20 people, this was utterly crazy. To think that the boys go through with this every day, that is just ridiculous. We entered Syco; the security guards holding back the paparazzi.

Phew, a normal first day on the job, I’m getting coffee with Liam and then ‘BOOM’ I get mobbed by the paparazzi, Are you joking me? Hold up, but they didn't know I got the job… I guess that’s gonna be a new top headline all over gossip sites now. ‘One Direction member; Liam Payne spotted out getting coffee with mystery girl’ yay- that’s just great, isn't it. We arrive back in the studio as we hand the other boys their coffee’s, well what a great first day.


Authors Note:

Thanks heaps for reading- feedback please?

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