Mindless Dreaming [On Hold]

[This story is on hold]
Jordan has to work with the ‘biggest boy band in the planet’. What will happen when her dreams start to show her some of her story, published right in front of her eyes while she sleeps- but she never even notices. What will happen when she realises that these boys aren't all they've turned out to be... What will happen to the end of her story, will she get her happily ever after she's been wanting or will she be faced with ‘Mindless’ consequences…? ~~All image credits go to their rightful owners~~


17. "Enjoying It Yet?"

“He has a new girlfriend.” He informs me, only us two in the dark and empty dressing room.

“What- who..?”

“He said it isn’t his ex- Danielle… So I have no idea who it could be.” He says looking around the room, he runs his finger along a piece of furniture- inspecting the dust particles gathered on his index finger.

“Why would he go find some other girl the exact same day, night or whatever…?” I ask taking a deep breath, Niall was the only person I felt that I could talk to about Liam right now- he’s the closest I’ve got to a best friend besides Lucy and Erika.

“Maybe you could talk to him ‘bout it?” He suggests jumping off of the desk he was sitting on.


“Niall- Jordan. Liam’s here, we can start rehearsals now.” Zayn’s voice calls from behind the door.

“Coming!” Me and Niall shout in unison as we burst out into laughter, exiting the room and then walking back down the corridor alongside Zayn.


“Hey guys this is my girlfriend Sophia.” Liam says to the other boys; a curvy, fit, flawless brunette girl clings to Liam’s arm, her posture straight and elegant. I suddenly become very self-conscious of my posture; my shoulders shrugged, I shift my back straighter whilst crossing my arms over my chest.

“Hello.” She speaks, her accented voice filling the rehearsal room. Sophia starts talking to Niall and the other boys as I walk up to Liam.

“Hey… Can I ah-talk to you?” Liam nods his head the slightest, hesitantly following me down the hall and into the deserted dressing room Niall and I were just in.

“You wanted to talk?” Liam says standing before me in the middle of the room; his arms crossed, the sleeves on his white shirt clinging tightly to the muscles on his arms, his chocolate brown eyes practically saying ‘what do you want, I have nothing to do with you’.

“Why Liam. Who writes a note for a girl he cares about telling her to be with his best-mate and then leaves and finds another girl the exact same night, or day- or whatever… I had hoped that you would take the note back. I had hoped that it was all a mistake, I mean c’mon you’re making me think that you never even felt anything between us-” Before I can say another word I found Liam’s face less than a centimetre away from mine, his pink lips barely touching mine that shivered nervously. He places one hand beneath my chin; pulling my lips to his, his eyes close as he starts nibbling gently on my bottom lip. At first I find myself frozen; is this right, should we be doing this? I think for a second… Maybe this is what I need- I need Liam right now, only Liam. I close my eyes as I kiss back passionately, taking in that moment; just the two of us existed. I may never get this moment again, this time to be with Liam… Just the two of us, with no-one in the way… except Sophia.

I suddenly push him backwards the slightest- a sour taste filling my stomach, am I really doing this to him, or should I just enjoy the moment…? His eyes opened surprised as he toppled backwards, he caught his ground once more. Looking at me with hurt in his eyes.

“I can’t Liam, I just can’t. You’ve clearly moved on. You’re with Sophia now, we just need to accept that. You can’t be with Sophia and then kiss me the very next day to make everything better.” He looks into my eyes and takes a step closer to me; he was just about to lean in when I start towards the door, I look back at him; his hair in a perfect quiff, his chocolate brown eyes looking down to the ground. I stand there, thinking for a few seconds before making my way back down the hall, leaving him alone in the deserted dressing room. Leaving myself to debate whether I should’ve stayed…



“I can’t believe that today is the day, we’ll miss you sooooooo much.” Lucy says engulfing me into a massive bear hug, followed by Erika.

“Awwh. I’ll miss you guys more- just remember to pay the bills; I don’t wanna come back to no house to live in.” We all laugh in unison, it suddenly dies down and everything turns to all seriousness once again.

“I can’t believe that just a month ago we arrived here and now you’re going back- this time without us, but with the biggest boy band in THE WORLD.” Erika over-exaggerates, a huge smile on her face as she hugs me once more, tighter than the last.

“Not to mention a super-hot boyfriend… Don’t get pregnant, use protection. Just remember, protection is your friend.” Lucy butts in, referring to ‘the talk’ we got when we were younger- Oh the days. She then attempts to wink- only to fail. I send her a fake smile back, but on the inside I shrink- sighing. I guess Harry is also a great guy, he is confident and he’s always fun to be with- but he just isn’t the really cute and shy Liam, but I guess Liam isn’t Harry either...

Having Harry and not Liam makes me feel as if I’m only half of myself. But just thinking of having Liam and not Harry still makes me feel incomplete- either way I will always feel incomplete. Liam or Harry; I know I can’t be selfish but if I had both of them, I would feel as if my heart was full…

With another couple of hugs and a few final tears, I finally reel my suitcase down the front steps, a few fans crowded around me and the van as they said a few words to me- some bad, some good.

I got into the van- with the help of Paul holding the girls off. The sliding door suddenly closes and I am seated in-between Harry and Niall this time. Since I am ‘Harry’s Girlfriend’ he insisted that I go on their plane and in their transportation so I can be with him- gosh he’s so cute. But for some reason Liam just couldn’t get out of my mind…

“Hey love.” Harry whispers into my ear as the car starts off down the road, a few fans attempting to chase after it.

I look around the van; mostly everyone was on their phones, and yes- Sophia was there... My eyes stop on Liam; his body was arched over his phone, hair in the same perfect quiff as usual, his eyes glued to the screen of his phone.  My dreamy thoughts suddenly get interrupted as he looks up a little at my arrival, our eyes meeting for the slightest second before he looks back down to his phone- Oh why does loving someone have to be so difficult; especially when you love two guys…


I look around the large living area there was; a huge flat screen TV, cabinets to either side of the TV which held trophies and medals of all kinds. The four walls were all painted a white colour; the large double wooden doors fit to the front of the house. I run my hand along the black felt couch, my feet standing on the freshly vacuumed white carpet.

I turn around still seated; there was a doorway to another room, a few multiple sized pictures hung along the wall and a few paintings were hanging throughout the room. I push myself to the very left of the black couch, so I was closer towards a bright picture that sat on a small side table. I touch the picture’s black wooden frame with my right index finger. I stare at the picture; there in the picture were four people, standing in a row, all of them smiling towards the camera. My finger slides along the top part of the frame before returning back to my side. I rub my arm slightly; both uncomfortable and nervousness filling my stomach.


My eyelids start to open as before me sits some food; someone to my right shakes me impatiently.

“Wake upppp, Jordannnn. Foodddd.” I turn to Niall as he makes an innocent face, returning his arms back to his sides.

“I’m not really hungry, you can have it. But anyway, thanks for waking me Niall.” I say closing my eyelids once more, hoping to fall back asleep.

“Are you for serious? Sure you don’t want some, I could-” My eyes snap open as I turn to Niall once more.

I smile as I speak jokingly. “Niall, if a girl says she doesn’t want her food that probably means she doesn’t want it... or take it before she changes her mind.” A small laugh escapes my mouth as I speak the last part. Niall quickly takes the tray of food as I smile, closing my eyes once more, going back to sleep for the rest of the plane ride… hopefully with no interruptions.


After a long plane ride we were here; Adelaide, Australia. I know Adelaide’s not really my home; but to be anywhere in Australia is good enough I guess, it’s just really great to be back in the Aussie weather again.

“Ahhh- it’s so good to be in Australia. Love everything ‘bout it.” Niall says stretching out his arms.

“Yeah… but why is she here.” I sigh, looking over at Sophia. Niall and I were standing alone near a pot plant whilst some of the others stood in a group about ten feet away and some of the boys were talking to Paul in another small group, all of us scattered around the foyer thing.

“Liam wanted her to come, I don’t even know why. They’d only been together for like a week or something.” Niall says holding onto his backpack straps; he wears his snapback snug on top of his head. I didn’t tell Niall about how Liam kissed me at rehearsals, of course it meant something to me but I guess both of us just need to realise that I’m with Harry and Liam’s with Sophia… Even if I do have some unknown hatred towards her, we both need to move on and focus on our partners.

“Darn Sophia.”

“You have to get over it sometime, I mean you’ve got a handsome curly headed guy to yourself- enjoy the moment.” Niall says smirking, while he winks at me and leaves me standing alone. I watch Niall’s back walk away from me as he goes to talk to the others; I stand there in confusion, just before a pair of strong hands make their way around my waist, hugging me tightly into someones muscular chest.

“Hey there.” I say smiling as Harry kisses the back of my head.

“Hi, the long flight just made me miss you so much.” He grips me a little tighter.

“Harry, I was sitting right beside you…” I explain, rolling my eyes.

“Across the aisle.” I shake my head laughing as he snuggles his head into the crook of my neck.

“You’re amazing.” I giggle, messing up his hair.

“And you’re mine.” He whispers in my ear, his voice hoarse so god damn sexy. My cheeks begin to heat up as I speak with desperation in my voice.

“Just kiss me Harry.” He smiles, turning me around so I am now face to face with him. He places both of his insanely huge hands on either side of my face and smashes his lips against mine. Our lips both move in sync against each other’s, our tongues suddenly fighting for dominance.

“Er sorry to interrupt but; Harry, Jordan. We need to go; fans are beginning to get more aggressive. And it’s beginning to get more dangerous for you guys to get to your hotel.” A deep voice says as Harry and I pull apart in disappointment.

“Ah- yeah sorry Paul, we’ll be right there.” Harry replies. I turn my head, the other boys stare at us with smirks on their faces, Sophia looks disgusted and Liam just stares down at the ground, all of them whispering to each other like it was some piece of juicy gossip. Paul walks away as Harry grabs my face with his left hand making me look into his gleaming green eyes.

“Shall we continue where we left off?” Harry asks, a smirk plastered on his face.

“Ah- I think we should go before it gets really bad.” I gently pull his hand from my face; walking away from him as I follow Paul and the others out the back door.

Niall walks by my side as he leans down to my ear so no-one else can hear. “Enjoying it yet?”

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