Mindless Dreaming [On Hold]

[This story is on hold]
Jordan has to work with the ‘biggest boy band in the planet’. What will happen when her dreams start to show her some of her story, published right in front of her eyes while she sleeps- but she never even notices. What will happen when she realises that these boys aren't all they've turned out to be... What will happen to the end of her story, will she get her happily ever after she's been wanting or will she be faced with ‘Mindless’ consequences…? ~~All image credits go to their rightful owners~~


5. Disruption

A week has brisk-fully past since the interview and well, let’s just pretend like I haven’t been hanging onto my phone everywhere I go and checking my email whenever I can… Seriously, that’s how bad I've got it. That’s how much my life depends on this job. Without this job we won’t have enough money to pay the bills and we’ll probably be forced to sell the house or possibly be forced to move back to Australia… I haven’t told the girls yet, but I'm pretty sure they've caught on by now.

“Hey, you coming?”

“Nah it’s okay… I’ll just stay home.” I reply to Erika while I continue to scroll down my twitter feed, not even bothering to look up at her.

“C’mon, shopping would be good for you. You've literally been staying home ever since the interview-which was like a week ago. We think you need it…” She says leaning against the door frame.

“Bye now! ‘Bout time you leave, you don’t wanna waste any time when you could be shopping at forever 21- aye.”

“Fine, Suit yourself. But just text us if anything comes through, okay?” She asks pushing herself off the door turning to leave, Lucy already sitting in the car- keen to leave.

I lie down on my bed- the radio turned up so I could hear it, but at the same time not too loud that it was really agitating.

“So good morning, this morning the latest celebrity gossip is that One Direction are getting a new crew member due to one of the crew having to go on leave after getting pregnant; during an interview about their new album and movie- they revealed getting a new crew member will be tough on tour, but they will continue to keep their positive attitude towards this and keep their fans happy. We cannot wait to find out who is lucky enough to be in the same room as boys and I'm sure the whole fandom is right behind us!” BullSh*t. Who actually does give about some stupid crew member; exactly no-one.

My eyes start to flicker open and shut; I rest my head onto my fluffy pillows as the radio plays ‘Daydream Away- All Time Low’. I closed my eyes as the radio continued to sing in perfect rhythm to the song.

‘You’re just a daydream away. I wouldn’t know what to say if I had youuu. And I’ll keep you a daydream away, Just watch from a safe place so I’ll never have to lose-“

My mind began to process the lyrics to the song as I slowly drifted off into a light slumber.


I sit on a wooden, green park bench. The wind continuously flowing through the park; the orange and green leaves occasionally falling from the over-hanging tree above me. I sit there admiring the park in all its glory, London in its finest- I thought to myself. The people passing hold onto their children’s’ hands as they walk past in a hurry to be somewhere; no-one knows what’s going on inside of their heads or furthermore… their lives. No-one knows what’s going on in my life, no-one knows what goes on inside my head or what I think… yet sometimes I wish people knew and felt exactly the same in return- but I guess the world wasn’t created to make your life ‘perfect’ or the way you want it. Life is so unfair sometimes.


I jump awake as the radio starts blasting out the loud beat to ‘Roar- Katy Perrry’. The clock on my wall reading 12:40pm, they’ve been gone for nearly 3 hours, wow? I pick up my phone as I turn it on seeing my new emails displayed on my lock screen, a few emails from family, one from Nick… and one from… Syco. I immediately sat upright; literally nearly choking when I saw the email, but I just managed to open it.


Hello Ms Cooper,

As you may remember a week ago you were invited to participate in an interview with us; Syco. We have been through the many interviews and have all decided that you’ve got the job as stage director for One Direction. On Monday you will be expected to arrive at Syco at 8:00am, for your first day you are also required to wear appropriate uniform and be completely professional.

Margaret Fulton, Syco Music.


I stand up on my bed as I start to jump up and down screaming my head off; not even caring if the bed could possibly collapse under my fat rolls- let’s admit it we all have those days… Hold up…. I instantly stop jumping as I sit back down; re-reading the email. Blah, blah, blah, blah, One Direction, blah… wait- WHAT. One Direction! You have got to be kidding me. I have to work with One Fricking Direction- This is like torture, what did I do to deserve this?

I hop out of bed acer laptop and iPhone in hand as I plop down onto the couch. I text Lucy and Erin to come home ASAP as my computer starts up; in order to be professional you must know about the people you are working with- right…?

My fingers trembled reminding myself of the situation a few hours ago when that report came onto about the radio and I said ‘who cares about that’- Who cares about some crew member working with One Direction? Who will even care if I got the job though? Every single fangirl out there in the world- that’s who. I type ‘One Direction’ into Google as I click the first link; Wikipedia.

‘One Direction are an English-Irish pop boy band based in London, consisting of Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson. They signed with Simon Cowell's record label Syco Records after being formed and finishing third in the seventh series of the British televised singing competition The X Factor in 2010.’

I read the first couple of sentences as I shudder with awkwardness, knowing that ‘normal’ people don’t usually stalk One Direction on Google while being ‘professional’ at the same time.

They were attractive I have to admit; but I really disliked them, they were just a couple of guys who got famous for their looks and got their reputation by their fans being so over-dramatic over a couple of guys who weren't even as good looking as Channing Tatum, but they still became famous.

“We’re Home!” I hear the charming voice of Lucy ring through the house.

“I’m in here.”

“So, did something come through or did you just want to disrupt our shopping spree?”

“Yeah Lucy, that’s why I didn't even go in the first place- so I could ‘disrupt’ your shopping” I reply closing my laptop before they even had the chance to see what I was doing. After a few seconds of silence I spoke.


“You got the job!” Lucy literally screamed her head off as she sat down with a loud ‘thud’.


“That’s so cool, so do you know what it is?” Erika asked brushing a piece of hair behind her ear as she took a seat on the other couch beside Lucy.

“Yeah… here” I say handing them my phone that viewed the email.

They read through the email, their eyes going wide as they adjudged whether it could be a hoax.

“Seriously, this cannot be real. You get to work with ONE FUCKING DIRECTION.” Lucy said her mouth hanging wide-open. She was the biggest fangirl out of the three of us- and trust me; she loved One Direction, unfortunately I just didn't feel the same way she did.


Authors Note:

Sorry I'm a bad writer, but anyway- there is always more drama to come...

You know what to do ;) Comment, Like and Fan <3

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