Mindless Dreaming [On Hold]

[This story is on hold]
Jordan has to work with the ‘biggest boy band in the planet’. What will happen when her dreams start to show her some of her story, published right in front of her eyes while she sleeps- but she never even notices. What will happen when she realises that these boys aren't all they've turned out to be... What will happen to the end of her story, will she get her happily ever after she's been wanting or will she be faced with ‘Mindless’ consequences…? ~~All image credits go to their rightful owners~~


10. Depends...

I laugh as the two body guards wait to my sides as they watch with precaution as Harry attempts to ‘swag walk’ towards the red and white food stall, the man standing behind it; scraggy and short, some grey stubble sitting on his chin.

“Can I have a pink cotton candy please?” Harry says his voice deep and his British accent peeping through.

The man hands him a cone, a bunch of pink cotton candy sitting on top of it. Harry mumbles a quick thank-you as he hands the man the money and he turns in my direction, walking over to me.

“For the madam.” He leans forward, putting on hand behind his back like a waiter.

“Why thank-you kind sir” I say impersonating a British accent as we both start to laugh.

My hand reaches up, picking off a piece of the airy pink goodness. I place it onto the tip of my tongue; the heavenly flavours melting on my tongue, the taste of sugar tingling my taste-buds.

“mmmmh” I say reaching for some more.

“Nah-ah” Harry says pulling the cotton-candy from within my reach and behind his back.

“Not until we've at least played one game and I've at least whipped your ass once…” he continued smirking.

“Fine.” I say poking my tongue out at him, but before we could the cotton candy is knocked out of Harry’s hands and on the grey concrete behind him- being devoured by a dog; the dog’s fur was black, it’s stomach- some sort of shade of brown.

People around us beginning to stare at Harry- ‘The Harry Styles’… at the carnival- sharing cotton candy with some girl that was apparently ‘dating’ Liam Payne- I’m guessing they are confused... Some people start to take photos on their phones and cameras as the two security guards try their best to keep them a fair distance away from us.

“Looks like the dog got to it before us- shame. Looks like we can’t go play some games after all…” I say smirking whilst shrugging at his misfortune.

“C’mon- I’ll buy us another.” He says obviously annoyed as we both walk over to the cart and buy two fairy floss’ this time; one blue, one pink- opposites.


Hours had gone past; the big grinning sun in the sky beginning to die down- getting lost in all the creamy orange and pink colours that mixed together in the horizon. After the fandom attack Harry had won me a plush teddy-bear at one of the game stalls; it was so cute of him to give it to me. But for some reason my mind was elsewhere- thinking of what the fans thought of me, they probably hated me, I’ve been hated on before but not as bad as thousands of girls from places I’ve never heard of- saying that they hate me and that I should go to hell… Even though there were not many people left in the carnival, (Mainly couples looking for a romantic time, a few fans here and there) I was still cautious of Harry’s actions.

“Where to next?” I act care-free as we continue to walk in pace with each-other, my arms clutched around the toy- his arm resting on the square of my back.

“Ummm- How about we go on the rollercoaster…..” He says nervously as we both stop in the middle of the pathway.

“Awwhh- Are you too nervous to go on the rollercoaster?” I ask smirking at him as my right hand lightly squeezes his cheek, his dimples as big as swimming pools and his hand still behind my back.

“What would you say if I was…” He says staring deep into my eyes; my eyes darting from his and to his lips.

“…Nothing…” I whisper loud enough for him to hear.

“What would you say if I asked to kiss you right now…” He asks not breaking the trance; the space between us small, yet relatively big at the same time.

“Depends…” I say my voice getting quieter within each letter.

“What if I were to do this-“ he says; his head dipping into the space between us.

My eyes begin to close as soon as his do; His lips come into contact with mine, the mixed taste of fairy floss and heaven meet mine- the savoury and at the same time sweet taste of his lips melting my insides and making me curl my toes. He puts his hand under my chin, making my lips vulnerable and powerless as his lips continue to move in sync with mine, his lips moving slowly and lustful as if mine were something fragile.

The way he was so gentle, the way he treated my lips made me want to let him kiss them every day. I backed away from the kiss- I can’t do this, I have feelings for one of his band-mates, or more like- one of his brothers.

“I’m Sorry but… I’ve only known you for a couple of days Harry-” I say looking down towards the ground; my grip around the stuffed bear was so tight I was practically choking it, the place where his hand was remained warm even though it was no-longer there, my body ached for his touch whether the gesture was big or small, either way...

“No, I-I’m sorry. It’s my fault- Let’s just forget it ever happened… Hey, look there’s the Ferris wheel…” He says trying to change the subject as we make our way towards the towering Ferris wheel that was lit up by a thousand beautiful tiny white lights that glowed in the moonlight.


We sit there in the silence of the night- both of us not daring to break the peace. Just enjoying the view and each other’s warmth and company, his arm wrapped around me as I sat beside him -we cuddled together- his big jacket wrapped around me in an attempt to keep me warm. The view was beyond beautiful; the lights of the small households below, the tiny people walking around the carnival- miniature ants, the soft and calming carnival music just barely reaching our height. It was perfect in every way.

I looked up at Harry; his gaze staring out onto the picturesque scenes below, His curls shooting in all different directions- the way he always had it, his lips soft and tender- shivering a little in the cold air, his eyes drooping slightly- the bags slowly gathering underneath, his features soft and raw.

I had never seen this side of him before; the side that was soft, calm and comforting- he rarely shows anyone this side in fact… But when he does, boy does he make you feel like you’re all that matters in the world at that particular moment in time, that moment where you just wish you could freeze and re-live it every day because you feel like it’s your own special place, that particular place you want to stay- forever...

In his arms.


Authors Note:

I'm sorry if you were expecting more out of this chapter, I am trying my best to make this Movella actually 'okay' standard- so please stay with me...

Mikayla <3

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